Majula Mansion

Quick Reference

Boss NPCs Loot Enemies
None Cale the Cartographer Estus Flask Shard
Human Effigy (drop)
Pharros Lockstone
Soul Vessel
Titanite Shard (x3)
Torch (x3)
Special Event Items


The Majula Mansion is a large, mysterious house found in Majula. It can be accessed after obtaining the House Key from Cale the Cartographer. In addition to containing several useful items, the mansion includes a unique item chest, and an unlabeled map of Drangleic.

Basement Skeletons

Initially, there is a lone Skeleton in the basement. Killing it is required to allow Cale to appear by the map.

An additional skeleton will appear with every increase in Bonfire Intensity, allowing up to 8 total. The skeletons do not respawn unless Bonfire Intensity is increased, and they are each guaranteed to drop a Human Effigy.

Majula Mansion Chest

The chest found in the basement of the Majula mansion is a unique chest whose contents can change with online events. The special event items are added through calibrations updates, though they can be added 'silently', without updating the displayed calibrations version on the main menu.


By default, the chest always contains 1 Soul Vessel. The Soul Vessel is still available when other special items are added into the chest, though it may require reloading the game or playing in offline mode to obtain separately.

Listed below are the items that have been made temporarily available:

Item Dates Available Release Details
Divine Blessing April 02 - April 09? (2014) unannounced
Petrified Something (x3) June 05 - June 11 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Twinkling Titanite (x2) June 11 - June 18 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Cracked Red Eye Orb (x5) June 18 - June 25 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Bonfire Ascetic (x4) June 25 - July 01 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Poison Stone &
Bleed Stone
July 01 - July 08 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Elizabeth Mushroom (x3) &
Wilted Dusk Herb (x3)
July 08 - July 15 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Smooth and Silky Stone (x5) July 15 - July 22 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Reskinned Murakumo July 22 - July 31 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Sunken King DLC promo
Rubbish July 22? - July 31? (2014)1 unannounced
Reskinned Blacksteel Katana August 26 - September 7 (2014)2 Announced as Crown of the Old Iron King DLC promo
Reskinned Longsword September 30 - October 13 (2014) Announced as Crown of the Ivory King DLC promo
Reskinned Great Club
Reskinned Murakumo
Reskinned Blacksteel Katana
Reskinned Longsword
February 5 - February 12 (2015) Released with Scholar of the First Sin DLC

DLC Promotion

Most items have been added in order to promote upcoming DLC.


  • The special items are placed into the chest automatically while online. If the player previously opened the chest to obtain the Soul Vessel, they may have to reload the area in order to spawn the item in. The chest will re-close by itself to contain the new item.
  • The contents of this chest cannot be replaced through the use of a Bonfire Ascetic, as ascetics only respawn the contents of wooden chests. However, the contents will respawn when progressing into the next New Game Plus cycle.

Majula Mansion Map

The basement of the mansion contains an unlabeled map of Drangleic, etched into the ground from stone. Various flames will appear on it, corresponding to specific progress made.

Lighting the Flames

Cale the Cartographer will reward you with his armor set if you light all 8 flames on the map. This is achieved by doing the following, in any order:

  1. Defeating the Last Giant
  2. Defeating the Lost Sinner
  3. Defeating the Old Iron King
  4. Defeating the Duke's Dear Freja
  5. Defeating the Rotten
  6. Obtaining the King's Ring
  7. Obtaining the Ashen Mist Heart
  8. Defeating Throne Watcher and Defender

Turning the Flames Blue

It is possible to make the flames on the map appear blue in color, though there is no known reward or effect for accomplishing this.

With the flames already lit, this will occur after using 8 Bonfire Ascetics on a flame's corresponding bonfire.3

Flame Corresponding Bonfire Boss(es) Requiring Defeat to Allow Use of Bonfire Ascetics
1 Cardinal Tower
(Forest of Fallen Giants)
The Last Giant & The Pursuer
2 The Saltfort
(Sinner's Rise)
The Lost Sinner
3 Eygil's Idol
(Iron Keep)
Old Iron King
4 Lower Brightstone Cove
(Brightstone Cove Tseldora)
The Duke's Dear Freja
5 Hidden Chamber
(Black Gulch)
The Rotten
6 Undead Ditch
(Undead Crypt)
Velstadt, the Royal Aegis
7 Shrine Entrance
(Dragon Shrine)
no boss required
8 King's Gate
(Drangleic Castle)
Throne Defender & Throne Watcher, & Nashandra
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