Magerold of Lanafir
Magerold of Lanafir


A chipper, bemonocled man casually selling curiosities off a blanket… inside a terribly dangerous fortress that is slowly sinking into a volcano. What a guy.

He claims to be a treasure hunter currently in the business of hawking away his lesser junk, but may also have other left-field facets to his personality. At least he's friendly enough.


Iron Keep
Just inside the keep proper. Head across the bridge from the initial bonfire and take an immediate right.


  • Sells an eclectic variety of goods, from clown shoes to forbidden hexes and talking wooden knick-knacks.
  • Allows you to apply incense to your spells. This is the only way to make use of your magic spices.
  • Leader of the Dragon Remnants covenant.


Armor Total Soul Cost Description Notes
Jester's Cap Unlimited 2,000
Jester's Robes Unlimited 3,000
Jester's Gloves Unlimited 2,300
Jester's Tights Unlimited 2,600
Spiked Bandit Helm Unlimited 1,000
Bandit Armor Unlimited 1,600
Bandit Gauntlets Unlimited 1,200
Bandit Boots Unlimited 1,300
Dragonrider Helm 1 7,200 NG+
Dragonrider Armor 1 11,500 NG+
Dragonrider Gauntlets 1 8,000 NG+
Dragonrider Leggings 1 9,300 NG+


Rings Total Soul Cost Description Notes
Cursebite Ring 1 9000 Increases curse resistance.
Consumables Total Soul Cost Description Notes
Human Effigy 5 3,000 Reverses hollowing.
Green Blossom 10 1,300 Temporarily boost stamina recovery speed.
Black Firebomb Unlimited 300 Explodes, inflicting fire damage.
Charcoal Pine Resin Unlimited 1,500 Apply fire to right-hand weapon.
Repair Powder 1 2,500 Restore equipment durability.
Rusted Coin 5 900 Temporarily boosts luck.
Hello Carving 1 2,000 Old wood carving that says "Hello"
Thank You Carving 1 2,000 Old wood carving that says "Thank you
I'm Sorry Carving 1 2,000 Old wood carving that says "I'm Sorry"
Very Good! Carving 1 2,000 Old wood carving that says "Very Good!"
Fragrant Branch of Yore 1 7,500 Restores living things from petrification.
Scrolls Total Soul Cost Description Notes
Soul Arrow 1 1,500 Sorcery
Great Soul Arrow 1 3,000 Sorcery
Heavy Soul Arrow 1 2,000 Sorcery
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 1 4,500 Sorcery
Fall Control 1 4,800 Sorcery
Dark Hail 1 1,500 Hex
Darkstorm 1 4,700 Hex





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