Lud & Zallen, the King's Pets


Lud and Zallen are giant, black saber toothed cats.


Frigid Outskirts

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) Lud: 5,070
Zallen: 5,070
2 (NG+) Lud: 7,098
Zallen: 7,098
8 (NG+7) Lud: 15,210
Zallen: 15,210


NPC Summons

Head of Vengarl
Abbess Feeva
Manhunter O'Harrah Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only


  • Medium to High Lightning Resistance
  • High Dark Resist
  • Medium to High Magic Resistance
  • Resistant to (but can be) Poisoned


  • Fire

Attack Patterns

  • Left Paw Swipe, 180 Degrees
  • Delayed Right Paw Swipe, 180 Degrees
  • Leaping Left Paw Swipe, 180 Degrees
  • Homing Ice Pillars
  • Summoning ice pillars from the ground.
  • AoE similar to Wrath of the Gods
  • Leaping bite attack. Will grab the player between its jaws and take away a devastating amount of health.
  • Enrage mode. ~50% increased defenses, ~150-200% increased physical damage, and 60% health regeneration


  • Both have a similar move set if not the same to Aava, the King's Pet
  • Zallen will enter the battle part-way through the fight depending on how many phantoms you have. If you have 1 phantom helping you, he will come out when Lud reaches 50% health. If you have 2 phantoms, he will come out when Lud reaches 66% health. Having no phantoms makes him come out when Lud reaches 33% health. (Needs Confirmation, Zallen sometimes enters the battle even when Lud is at 80% health with one Phantom and at 50-60% when alone.)
  • Killing either Lud or Zallen causes the other to enrage, giving him increased damage and defense, and health regeneration. This only happens when they reach 15-20% health and the other is dead. The buff is temporary.
  • Evading Homing Ice Pillars can be done by simply strafing to the right, they will all miss as long as you are not close range. Close range behind the boss also causes all to miss.
  • Strategy 1
    • (Works on Aava, The King's Pet as well.)
    • Summon both NPCs
    • Run along the right snow wall to get there. Watch the cliff! (This keeps everything but horses from bothering you.) (Recommend: Two handing greatshield)
    • Once at the fog door unequip everything except for your weapon (make sure to have a repair powder in belt). (Recommend: Ruler's Sword or Curved Nil Greatsword.) Make sure you have low weight (Recommend: <30%)
    • After that desummon both npcs. Vengarl last since he is usually still fighting horses this keeps the horses from getting to you before you enter the fog.(by desummoning, the bosses are "easier" and less sporadic)
    • By having less than 30% weight you can roll into them dodging ALL physical moves expect for magic ones. (It will take some practice to get the timing down, just watch the paws.)
    • Once you've rolled into one wait 1 second for a reset in order to avoid performing rolling attacks.(less damage and control) Only attack once!!!
    • Then look as to what the boss will do next, if physical just do a timed roll and if magic start running.
    • Since you have no summons Lud will be pretty low on health, before Zallen jumps in.
    • Only attack when you have an opening, and only attack once.
    • With both attacking you, now you have to be picky with what attacks will be safe.
    • Focus on Lud to get him out of the way, but make sure you have BOTH of them on your screen at all time.
    • After Lud is dead, and Zallen is at 20% he will regen to about ~60%. Dont attack at this point, let it run its course.
    • When the regen is done just end the fight how you started it.
    • Watch stamina, only attack once, and dont get greedy.
    • Works up to NG+4, if you're a high enough level you should be able to take multiple hits without dying from most of the attacks. (Without armor)

Vulnerable Underbelly
Staying underneath and just behind the front paws of either enemy will cause their clawing attacks to whiff away from your character. This method is only reliable as long as you can roll back into position when they jump away and charge again.


  • One of the main difficulties of this fight is the journey to the boss arena, through the Frigid Outskirts.
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