Lucatiel of Mirrah
Anastacia of Astora


A feared warrior from Mirrah. She has come to Drangleic in search of her brother and a cure for the Undead curse but soon begins to hollow…


No-man's Wharf
Dark Souls II: Right next to the first and only bonfire.
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: Found in the building to the left after the first set of stairs.

The Lost Bastille
From the McDuff's Workshop bonfire up the stairs to the tower straight ahead, or from The Tower Apart bonfire the tower across the broken pathway. She leans against a wall in the tower.

Earthen Peak
Dark Souls II: At the Lower Earthen Peak bonfire.
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: Found before the Covetous Demon fight. From Harvest Valley, enter Earthen Peak via the lower route, go through the room of poison urns, and follow the passage to the right. You will find her in the room on the right, opposite a Pharros' contraption.

Black Gulch
The most hidden of her locations. From the first bonfire in Black Gulch stick close to the edge. Before the first tar pools you can spot a small ledge below. Using a torch is strongly advised to see it. Drop down and follow the path to find her leaning against a wall.

Aldia's Keep
At the Foregarden bonfire.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 3,220 1,700
2 ? 3,400
8 ? 6,800

Summon Locations

No-man's Wharf
Dark Souls II: Next to the shortcut gate in the area.
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: On the dock leading to the boss ship

Sinner's Rise
At the bottom of the elevator.

Black Gulch
Next to the hidden, second bonfire.

Iron Keep
Just before the Smelter Demon fog gate.

Grand Cathedral
Just after the bonfire, up the stairs.


  • Can be summoned for five various boss fights.
  • Her summon sign will only appear if you spoke to her in the same or preceding location.
  • If you kill the Covetous Demon before speaking to her in Harvest Valley, and you rest at a bonfire, she will no longer be found in Earthern Peak, making it impossible to summon her for the Smelter Demon fight. Not correct, you can find her there before killing the Smelter Demon. Killing the Covetous Demon and resting at a bonefire does not prevent you from finding her there.
  • If you kill the Rotten without having summoned her, you will not be able to summon her (even if you burn a Bonfire Ascestic in Black Gulch) Not correct, tested killing 3 rottens with ascetics. Was able to follow her questline normally.
  • If her storyline is completed, she will gift you her equipment: Lucatiel's Set and the Mirrah Greatsword (everything she uses except her Mirrah Shield).
  • Alternatively, you can purchase her armor and sword from Merchant Hag Melentia if you kill her.


To complete Lucatiel's questline, you must:

  1. Talk to her at every location and exhaust all her dialogue.
  2. Summon her for at least three boss fights and have her survive the boss fights.
  3. NOTE: You can re-battle the same boss multiple times by use of a Bonfire Ascetic.
    For example, you could have her fight Flexile Sentry twice and then the Rotten once and that would count as three wins needed for her to give you the equipment.

Lucatiel can be encountered in No-Mans's Wharf, the Lost Bastille, Earthen Peak, and the Black Gulch. She can be encountered in any location in any order and her dialogue progression will remain the same. The second time she is spoken to, she rewards the player with a Human Effigy. The third time she is spoken to, she gives the player a Ring of Steel Protection +1.

She can be summoned for the Flexile Sentry boss fight in No-Mans's Wharf to fulfill the boss fight requirements. You can find her sign next to the shortcut gate (Dark Souls II) or at the beginning of the dock leading to the boss ship (Scholar of the First Sin).

If you've spoken to her at the Lost Bastille, she can be summoned before the fight with the Lost Sinner at the bottom of the lift in Sinners Rise before the sewer area with the exploding undead.

Speaking to her at Earthen Peak allows her to be summoned to assist you in the fight with the Smelter Demon in the Iron Keep.

Speaking to her at the Black Gulch allows her to be summoned for the fight against the Rotten.

She then moves to her last location in the foregarden of Aldia's Keep. If you look closely enough you'll see she has removed her mask and part of her face has turned hollow. If the above requirements are met, she will give you her equipment. If not, kill her and you will be able to purchase her equipment from Melentia. If you talk to her before completing the above requirements she will disappear and you will lose your opportunity to complete her quest for that playthrough.

Her brother invades once you go up the steps into Aldia's Keep.

Event Items

Item Conditions for Receipt
Human Effigy x1 Given when encountered a second time
Ring of Steel Protection+1 Given when encountered a third time
Lucatiel's Mask Complete her questline or kill her
Lucatiel's Set Complete her questline or kill her and buy from Merchant Hag Melentia
Mirrah Greatsword Complete her questline or kill her and buy from Merchant Hag Melentia for 10,000 souls




  • She will remove her mask (you will see the animation of her removing the mask ) the second time you meet her, but you must NOT skip when she said "Assuming, of course, that the legends are true. _" , if done correctly, she will remove the mask when she says her next line.
  • As it's in the same area, Lucatiel can be summoned and brought to the Old Iron King boss fight. However, she's near useless in said fight and it will not count towards her questline, assuming she can even make it to the fight without falling to her death on the way there.


  • If you defeat the Smelter Demon without her help, then kill the Old Iron King and ascend the Eygil's Idol bonfire her summon sign appears in the usual place. (Note: Eygil's Idol will only respawn four Ironclad Soldiers and the Old Iron King.)
  • Occasionally when summoned for a boss fight she will not enter the fog wall into the boss arena. This seems to happen most often in the Old Iron Keep where she will get stuck outside the door frame. Her pathing is also notably spotty, and she will often fall to her death in Sinners Rise and the Old Iron Keep without any outside assistance.


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Voiced by: Sarah Beck Mather

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