Loyce Soul

Loyce Soul

In-Game Description

Soul of the Knights of Loyce.

The Knights of Loyce were taken by Chaos,
and lost all sense of purpose and being.
The few woeful souls that trudged back home
were guided by some faint vestige of self.

This soul is pure sorrow,
and only Alsanna can put it to rest.


Dropped by Charred Loyce Knights.


Collected for assessment by Alsanna, Silent Oracle, after The Burnt Ivory King is defeated, she will reward you depending on the number of held souls.
As you receive rewards, the two stairways leading up to Alsanna progressively open up. Once they are open and you have defeated Burnt Ivory King, Maughlin the Armourer will add the Ivory King Set to his inventory.


Souls Reward
5 Loyce Gauntlets
5 Loyce Leggings
15 Loyce Armor
35 Loyce Helm
50 Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle


  • Placing souls in your item box or discarding them before talking to Alsanna still yields the appropriate reward depending on the total souls you owned.
  • They do carry over into ng+.
  • Consuming the souls gives nothing, so its better not to.
  • Co-op phantoms can get these as a drop from the knights and with a MUCH HIGHER drop rate than as a host.
  • The drop rate is staggeringly low
  • After defeating the Burnt Ivory King and returning to the area, Charred Loyce Knights will respawn indefinitely from the three portals approximately every 2.5 minutes. They don't spawn indefinitely in Scholar of the First Sin (This can be fixed by joining the Company of Champions covenant).
  • Seeing as you have to engage the Charred Loyce Knights solo after defeating the Burnt Ivory King it may be of greater benefit to farm these souls by repeating the boss fight to garner help from 4 - 6 allies (or even 7 in Scholar of the First Sin).
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