Loyce Knight

Loyce Knight


Knights found in Frozen Eleum Loyce.

Free them and they will aid you later against the onslaught of the Burnt Ivory King. They can sacrifice themselves to freeze the portals that spawn Charred Loyce Knights, preventing enemies from entering the area. If you want to close all the portals, you need three Knights.

Locations of the Knights of Eleum Loyce

  • One
    The first can be found waiting for you by the fog gate to the Old Chaos, which means you already start with one knight in your party.
  • Two
    The second can be found in the Inner Wall area. To get to him, follow the usual path until you reach the three golems surrounding a chest. Head to the right, where the ice was previously blocking passage. Follow this path until you reach a door. Open it and talk to the Eleum Loyce knight who is sitting in the chair.
  • Three
    The third can be found once you reach the Lower Garrison bonfire. From this bonfire, open the gate to the ice cavern and continue down. Once in the cavern with the Covetous Demon, look for a passage in the leftmost wall. Follow it and head right. Follow this path until you reach an elevator. Take the elevator up and head up the hill. Once at the top of the hill you will reach a temple. Open the doors to the temple, and talk to the Eleum Loyce knight who is sitting in the chair. There is a snowball on a ledge near the front of the temple, which can be rolled downhill to open a shortcut by closing the gap in the bridge.
  • Four
    The fourth can be found near the invasion position of Castaway Witch Donna. To reach him, you need to start at the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, run until you reach the ramparts. Then go down the staircase that was blocked by ice, and continue until you reach the bottom of the area. Once at the bottom, head out through the tunnel and unlock the shortcut, which will allow you to run from the Inner Wall bonfire to the knight very easily. Once you have dispatched Castaway Witch Donna, open the doors to the temple, and talk to the Eleum Loyce knight who is sitting in the chair.


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2 ?
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  • If you defeat the Burnt Ivory King with the last knight alive, he will teleport back to his seat where you can find him later. However, he will not jump down with you to the Old Chaos anymore.
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