Lord's Private Chamber
Boss NPCs Enemies Enemy Drops
None None Duke Tseldora
Vengarl's Body
Brightstone Key
Fragrant Branch of Yore
Dark Quartz Ring
Vengarl's Set (no helm)



After defeating the Duke's Dear Freja, there is an entrance on the right side of the room. Inside you will find the hollowed Duke Tseldora in his study room. Defeat him and pick up the Brightstone Key, a Fragrant Branch of Yore and a Dark Quartz Ring.

Deeper in the passage you can find Vengarl's Body guarding a primal bonfire. He drops Vengarl's Set without the helmet. (Dark Souls II only)


  • Be careful if you haven't killed all Parasite Spiders during your fight with the Duke's Dear Freja, since most of them will be able to follow you all the way to the Primal Bonfire.
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