Looking Glass Knight


King Vendrick's lieutenant, charged with testing the prowess of those who seek to serve in Drangleic's order of royal knights. Ever dedicated to his duty, he continues to await challengers at the end of the King's Passage long after Vendrick's disappearance and the kingdom's subsequent collapse. Those who fail the test are remorselessly slaughtered by this enigmatic knight whose face lies hidden behind a cold metal mask.1


King's Passage

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 6,540 34,000
2 (NG+) 9,156 68,000
8 (NG+7) 17,397 136,000


NPC Summons

  • Benhart of Jugo, on the left in front of the boss fog.
  • (Scholar of the First Sin) Ashen Knight Boyd, on the right one pillar back from the boss fog.
  • (Scholar of the First Sin) Sellsword Luet as shadow in the room past the giant mechanism


  • Very High— Fire Resistance
  • High+ Lightning Resistance
  • Medium Magic and Dark Resistance
  • Can be poisoned

Attack Patterns

Attack Damage Damage Type Parryable? Speed Tracking (left/right)
Jumping smash xxx Normal No Medium Left/Right
Running jumping smash xxx Normal No Medium Left/Right
Running stab xxx Normal No Meduim Left/Right
Sword slashes + stab xxx Normal No Medium Left/Right
Lightning volley xxx Lightning No Medium Left/Right
Lightning slash xxx Lightning/Normal (?) No Moderate Left/Right
Lightning chain xxx Lightning No Moderate Left/Right
Summon - - - Slow -
Backstep - - - Fast -


All attacks bounce off and do no damage if you hit his shield. The deflected sorceries/pyromancies/miracles/hexes can damage the host or friendly phantoms. Hitting the shield appears to do a lot of durability damage to weapons.

At around 50% health or if enough time has passed, a phantom image may form in his shield, and then he slams his shield to the ground and to start summoning Mirror Squires. After this point, he may perform another summon if enough time has passed, so defeating him quickly is ideal. The summoning animation can be canceled if he is staggered.


  • To get summoned for the boss fight, use a Red Sign Soapstone in Drangleic Castle, though you may also be summoned via Cracked Red Eye Orb.
  • Upon being summoned, a message prompt appears: "The Looking Glass Knight summons you! Become a mirror squire, and vanquish the world master."
  • Be aware that some time may elapse between actually being summoned and the loading screen itself, so you may be vulnerable before you see yourself. Also, the boss may die before you are successfully summoned: "Summoning canceled. Area boss has been vanquished."
  • Putting your sign down every 10 seconds may increase your chances of being summoned by resetting your server priority, and decreases your chances of being summoned by a player instead.
  • Burning a Human Effigy before the fight does not appear to prevent it from summoning a player.
  • NPCs or players he summoned disappears upon his defeat.
  • As a mirror squire, you can heal the Looking Glass Knight with any variety of spells, including Warmth and Great Heal.
  • He was called the Mirror Knight before the game was released.
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