Lion Clan Warrior
Lion Warrior


A species of anthropomorphic lions whose sudden appearance on the stage of history suggests that they are not of natural origin. They despise other races and will arbitrarily slaughter those not of their clan.1


Shaded Woods

Lion Clan Warrior
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 ~665 400
2 1,100 800
8 1,600

Golden Lion Clan Warrior
Only one of its kind, standing in the stone tunnel beneath Manscorpion Tark's sandbox. Only one to drop the special body armor and headdress.

  • SotFS: Moved up to the crumbled ruin filled with pots. Does not respawn unless a bonfire ascetic is used.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 850 400
2 1,440 800
8 1,600


  • Extreme Fire, Magic, Lightning and Dark Resistance
  • The only mob with Extreme-Tiers



  • Very slow and not very protected from physical attacks, but hit hard, cause lots of Curse buildup and have an immense supply of poise.
  • Usually swing their axe only once or twice.
  • They have a three-hit combo that they rarely use.
  • Most of the time they don't use their shields.


  • They are purpose-built wizard killers. Extremely high resistance to the elements.
  • Can be backstabbed, but parrying and guard breaking them is not possible. However, if they run out of stamina while blocking, you can riposte them.
  • The gold-maned lion and the ones you can de-petrify strike slightly faster and harder, actually use their shields to great effect.
  • They seem very hard to poison or may even be immune (multiple hits from both the strong and light attacks from +10 ricard's rapier had no effect)
  • These enemies may have infinite poise as they can never be staggered legitimately (has been tested with great weapons and stone ring equipped)
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