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  • Gamechive's Dark Souls II Complete Experience - This YouTube Playlist represents the game in its complete entirety and the playlist sequentially orders them in a way that imparts a logical viewing. Segments include all items obtained (equipment, spells, weapons, rare items, etc.); every boss defeated; all NPC Dark Spirit invaders; deaths of all NPCs; all covenants at maximum ranks (level 3) with rewards; all side quests; a successful no bonfire, no death run (with both illusory rings received); and highlights videos featuring the changes encountered (such as black phantoms) on second and third journeys through the game. In addition, location guides for specific items such as Petrified Dragon Bones, Pharros' Contraptions/Lockstones, Twinkling Titanite, etc. are also included. The complete "Lost Crowns Trilogy" DLC and "Scholar of the First Sin" is also included here as well. There are no voice-overs or commentary, but 100% archived gameplay/longplay.

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