Lingering Flame


In-Game Description

One of the pyromancies devised by Straid,
the great mage of ancient Olaphis.
Release a static fireball that explodes when
foes draw near.

Straid was an oddly gifted mage, well-versed
in both sorceries and pyromancies, but his
curious temperament never allowed him
to settle down in one place for very long.


Sets an orb of fire that detonates if an enemy comes too close. The orb lingers for ~20 seconds.
Base damage (before enemy resistance) from a direct hit is approximately : 4.18 * catalyst's fire attack.



Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots
Ranged/Fire 4-8 N/A 2

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 4
32 5
43 6
58 7
94 8
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