Lindelt Cleric

aka Archdrake Pilgrim

Archdrake Cleric


An Undead Lindelt cleric of the mysterious Archdrake sect. Their homeland is subject to strict laws and emigration is a common means of escaping the authoritarian rule; a number of the defectors have found their way to Drangleic in an attempt to start new lives, but some have since gone Hollow and become a threat to the living.1


Shrine of Amana
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 760 550
2 990 1,100
8 ? 2,200


  • Average against Slash and Strike-Type Attacks
  • Weak against Thrust-Type Attacks


  • Soaked with Water
    • Very High— Fire Resistance
    • High Magic Resistance
    • Medium Dark Resistance
    • Low Lightning Resistance
  • Dry
    • High Magic Resistance
    • Medium Fire, Lightning and Dark Resistance



  • Their attacks cannot be parried.
  • Use their three strike combo often, counter attack after it.
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