In-Game Description

Small stone made up of crystallized souls.
Gradually restores a small amount of HP.

Often found near abandoned corpses,
as if it were what remains of the soul.


Heals 500 HP over 10 seconds.


Where to Buy

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Merchant Hag Melentia 300 souls 10 / ∞ after she moves to Majula

Chest and Corpse locations:

Enemy Drops

Other Sources

  • Most classes start with ten Lifegems. Deprived starts with none while Explorer starts with twenty.
  • Choosing 'Healing Wares' as the starting gift grants you ten additional Lifegems (Deprived would start with ten, Explorer with thirty, and rest of the classes with twenty).


  • The healing effects of gems used in quick succession will stack.
  • Consuming two Lifegems in rapid succession will counter-act Poison damage.
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