In-Game Description

Small stone made up of crystallized souls.
Gradually restores a small amount of HP.

These stones are often found next to corpses.
As such is the case, perhaps one could call
this item the dead husk of a soul.


Heals 500 HP over 10 seconds.


Where to buy:

Enemy drops:

Chest and Corpse locations:

Other sources:

  • Most classes start with ten Lifegems. Deprived starts with none while Explorer starts with twenty.
  • Choosing 'Healing Wares' as the starting gift grants you ten additional Lifegems (Deprived would start with ten, Explorer with thirty, and rest of the classes with twenty).


  • The healing effects of gems used in quick succession will stack.
  • Consuming two Lifegems in rapid succession will counter-act Poison damage.
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