Life Ring


life ring

In-Game Description

An old ring set with a red jewel.
Raises maximum HP.

Each ring has a different power,
and even very modest rings can be
a great boon on a perilous journey.


Life Ring

Starting gift choice. OR

Forest of Fallen Giants treasure. In the room full of ballistae, go down the ladder and attack the door - a hollow will open it. The ring is in a metal chest in this room.

Life Ring +1

Iron Keep treasure. In the area filled with lava and a big furnace in a middle stick to the left wall. Drop down at the very end and then climb a ladder.
The ring is in a metal chest on this platform.

Life Ring +2

Found in the Shrine of Amana. From the Crumbled Ruins bonfire, proceed until you can see the next fog door, then look to the left wall for branches that can be broken concealing an Ogre.
Behind the Ogre is a body holding the ring. If you have already passed the fog door, it's easier to backtrack from the Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire.

Life Ring +3
Brume Tower treasure. Take the elevator up at the Foyer bonfire, then jump over a gap left by another elevator. Open the door to a room with an Iron Warrior being healed by an Ashen Idol. The ring is in a chest here.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Life Ring Raises max HP by 5% 120 0.2
Life Ring +1 Raises max HP by 7.5% 90 0.5
Life Ring +2 Raises max HP by 12.5% 75 0.8
Life Ring +3 Raises max HP by 15% 25 1.2
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