Licia of Lindeldt


Lindelt is founded upon stringent commandments.
Its inhabitants often travel to distant lands for ascetic training,
but more than a few of these trainees liberate themselves from Lindelt's teachings in the process.

While it's true Licia dedicated herself to miracles, it's rare for anyone to pass through life without trouble.
Even clerics aren't always who they seem.


Heide's Tower of Flame
She can be found next to the bonfire up the stairs from the Dragonrider boss fight.

She moves to Majula Rotunda after her dialogue in Heide's is exhausted or after Flexile Sentry is defeated.

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 2,440 2,500
2 (NG+) 5,000
8 (NG+7) 18,477 10,000


Sells Miracles and related items. Opens the path to Huntsman's Copse for 2,000 souls.


Chimes Total Soul Cost Notes
Cleric's Sacred Chime 1,400 Catalyst for miracles and hexes.
Rings Total Soul Cost Notes
Ring of Prayer 1 28,000 Increases Faith by five points.
Miracles Total Soul Cost Notes
Heal 1 1,500 Slightly restores HP.
Med Heal 1 3,000 Restores HP.
Great Heal Excerpt 1 4,500 Greatly restores HP.
Replenishment 1 3,000 Gradually restores HP.
Resplendent Life 1 4,500 Slowly restores a large amount of HP.
Caressing Prayer 1 2,000 Purifies the body, removing all poison.
Force 1 1,800 Releases a shockwave that staggers foes.
Lightning Spear 1 6,000 A miracle that launches a spear of lightning.
Homeward 1 2,400 Returns the caster to the last bonfire rested at.
Guidance 1 3,700 Reveals more messages from other worlds.

Invading Licia

If four great old ones are defeated, entering the Majula Rotunda causes the Crushed Eye Orb to stir. You may then use the orb to invade Licia's world. She realizes that you have "found her out" and becomes hostile.

She wears the Saint's set and uses an Idol's Chime.

In combat, she uses Wrath of the Gods, Blinding Bolt, a Lightning Spear-like miracle and a healing miracle with a very fast cast time. She can also melee with her chime.
Note that her Wrath of the Gods does physical damage instead of Lightning damage.

The Profound Still hex is very useful when fighting her, as it prevents her from casting any miracles.



  • If the player has made her hostile before opening the passage to the Hunstman's Copse, and is having difficulty killing her, a good strategy is to attack her, then run back up into the open. She will follow you there. From here you can stun and move her with your attacks towards the hole leading into The Pit. She will attempt to retreat, but will also attack you and thus give you opportunity, if done patiently, to stunlock her into the hole (a 100% block shield is crucial here, to fully block her Wrath of The Gods castings). She will die from the fall, and the Rotunda Lockstone needed to open the contraption will be by her original position when you next die/visit Majula.
  • Another easy way to kill her is to acquire a great lance found in the Forest of Giants near the royal door. Two hand the lance and do R2 attacks, they will knock her off, when she tries to get up, R2 again, she wont be able to do anything.
  • Invading and defeating her still counts as Sin.
  • She will give the player the Saint's set and an Idol's Chime if they talk to her while having 30 Faith.
  • She will have an unlimited stock of her miracles after the Shrine of Winter is open.
  • Her Wrath of the Gods spell can be blocked with a 100% physical damage shield.
  • Her name is the only instance when Lindelt is spelled Lindeldt. It is unknown which one is the correct version.
  • If going for the Gathering of Exiles trophy/achievement, do not kill her when you meet her. She is one of the NPCs required for the trophy.
  • This NPC has unused dialogue lines.

KNOWN BUG (Licia's Potential Disappearance from the Game)

If Licia is made hostile in her Heide Tower appearance after the Dragonrider boss and the player does not kill her, there is a potential for her to disappear from the game entirely. Two observed and reported cases exist and provide context into two different situations:

  • A player poisoned Licia but died before she did. Licia had low enough HP that the poison effect would have killed her. This caused Licia to completely despawn from their game.
  • A player made Licia hostile, and she dropped to the base of the stairs leading up to the bonfire. The player was killed by Licia's miracles, and Licia presumably fell into the water, dying, although this was not directly observed. Note that Melentia sold Licia's gear after this event, confirming her death by some force. This also caused her to be completely removed from the game. Note also that Licia's items that she normally drops on death are removed from the game, and her gravestone does not spawn under any circumstances. The only way to complete the game at this point is to farm enough souls to pass through the Shrine of Winter, as Licia will be gone until the next NG cycle. There remains no possible way to rotate the passage that connects Heide's Tower of Flame, Majula, and Huntsmans Copse.


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Voiced by: Liz May Brice
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