Leydia Witch
Leydia Witch


Witches who worship the god of disease, Galib.
They once resided in the Undead Crypt alongside
the Fenito but over time grew conceited,
misusing their power and usurping control
of the Crypt's gateway. Their actions spurned
the Grave Wardens and they were slaughtered
as transgressors; their spirits now forcibly serve
as guardians of the Crypt.

Tall sorcerers with a pale blue skin.


Undead Crypt
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~900 1,100
2 1,240 2,200
8 ? 4,400


  • Very High Fire, Lightning and Dark Resistance
  • High Magic Resistance



They can cast every form of magic, even though they are only armed with a chime.

The spells they cast are not exactly the same ones the player can cast.

They can also swipe with their chime when the player is in melee range.

Farming Strategy

  • Three can be found shortly after the Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire. They are far easier to farm from behind, as they can be picked off one at a time without aggroing. Backtrack from the Undead Ditch bonfire towards the beginning of Undead Crypt.
  • Using Profound Still on them is a extremely effective since they won't be able to cast their spells. Additionally, for some unexplained reason, they won't even attack you with their catalyst making them completely passive until the effect wears off.
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