Leydia Pyromancer
Leydia Pyromancer


A ghostly spellcaster of the Leydia Pyromancers. Although pyromancers in name, they were adept at a wide variety of magic and in their conceit they once occupied the Undead Crypt. Their brazen misuse of death drew the ire of the Fenito, who branded them transgressors; the apostles were slaughtered and subsequently buried in the Crypt alongside other occupants.1


Undead Crypt
They spawn from stone graves when the player is close to them or when a bell is rung.
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~360 750
2 460 1,500
8 ? 3,000

Detailed location:

  • The first location you can find them is in the Undead Ditch Bonfire area. The room directly in front of the Undead Ditch bonfire has several gravestones that when close enough will spawn a Leydia Pyromancer. There is also another room connected to that one which has more gravestones that spawn them.
  • The second location you can find them is in the room right before the hall to Velstadt, the Royal Aegis with the Hollowed ringing the bells. There are the same gravestones from the previous area although there is an additional mechanic for spawning them. There are some hollows in this area that will ring bells which will cause the Leydia Pyromancers. There are five gravestones in this area with the fifth being located at the end of one of the four hallways branching from this area. This is an extremely difficult area and will require good use of positioning and crowd control with the enemies. Take out the gravestones as fast as possible remembering that when a Pyromancer has spawned, another can't spawn from that grave until the current one is dead.
  • The third location to find them is in the hall right before Velstadt, the Royal Aegis. Immediately when you enter this room if you drop to the left or right side of the stairs you will find a hollow next to a bell. When this bell is rung, four Leydia Pyromancers will spawn from the tombs lining the hall.


  • Average against Slash, Strike and Thrust-Type Attacks
  • Ghost Form, takes 50% less damage from Physical Attacks


  • High Magic Resistance
  • Medium Fire and Dark Resistance
  • Low Lightning Resistance
  • Immune to poison



  • Very fast sword attacks
  • Pyromancies
  • Sorceries


  • Only one pyromancer can spawn from a gravestone at a time.
  • When the gravestones are destroyed, they will remain destroyed for the rest of your current playthrough.
  • Can only be summoned if the bell has been rung by the undeads
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