Laddersmith Gilligan
Laddersmith Gilligan


A merchant located in Earthen Peak. Will move to Majula after killing the boss Mytha, the Baneful Queen.


Earthen Peak
Found near the Central Earthen Peak bonfire. Walk upstairs and pass though the door to the balcony with the Manikin. Destroy the wooden balustrade and go left.
He will offer you a ladder for 2,000 souls in order to get a treasure (Pharros' Lockstone and Twinkling Titanite).

Found sitting next to the Pit in Majula. You don't need to speak to him in Earthen Peak in order for him to move to Majula. He will simply travel here after you kill Mytha the Baneful Queen.
If this happens, you can still collect the above loot by dropping down (the falling height is quite short), along with a Homeward Bone or Aged Feather to safely return.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ? 3,250
2 ? 6,500
8 ? 13,000


  • Creates ladders down to the Gutter and the Grave of Saints:
    • Small Ladder costs 500 souls.
    • Medium Ladder costs 3,500 souls.
    • Long Ladder costs 12,000 souls.


Note that when you meet him at Earthen Peak all his items are 20% off.

Weapon Total Soul Cost at Earthen Peak Notes
Reinforced Club 2,000 1,600
Whip 1,800 1,440
Claws 1,500 1,200
Wooden Shield 1,200 960
Armor Total Soul Cost at Earthen Peak Notes
Thief Mask 1,000 800
Black Leather Armor 1,200 960
Black Leather Gloves 1,000 800
Black Leather Boots 1,100 880
Consumables Total Soul Cost at Earthen Peak Notes
Lacerating Knife 350 280 Throwable item, inflicts Bleed.
Aromatic Ooze 2,000 1,600 Applies magic to right-hand weapon.
Bleeding Serum 2,000 1,600 Applies bleeding to right-hand weapon.
Special Total Soul Cost at Earthen Peak Notes
Ladder Miniature 1 7,999 6,399 Royal Sorcerer Navlaan quest item.



  • Be aware that there's a poison butterfly above him in Earthen Peak in SOTFS. Under certain rare circumstances, it can kill him. Shoot the bug down as soon as you lay eyes on it.
  • After buying the Long Ladder for 12,000 souls, speak to him again to receive the Melu Scimitar as a gift for your "big spend". This will also unlock the 'Garrulous Miser' achievement/trophy.
  • If you kill Gilligan, his gravestone will not be where he was but rather behind Saulden, the Crestfallen Warrior.
  • He can use lifegems in combat.
  • Bug: You may be unable to pick up Gilligans items after killing him if you already bought his Ladder Miniature. You will receive a message stating "Inventory bag is full". To pick up the items, discard the Ladder Miniaturer that you purchased earlier.


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