"Traveling knight. High HP and adaptability. Tough to take down."

This class is intended for players who intend to use heavy armor and weapons.

The Knight is a solid choice for players who plan to focus on melee but also want to incorporate miracles at some point. This is a really solid starting class. The knight starts with a good set of armor, compared to the other classes. Knights also begin with good Strength, fair Faith and Adaptability, and the most Vigor of any other class. A knight's weakness lies in very low Intelligence and low Attunement, but is still above the Bandit in both respects. You can level Strength and Dexterity to use a variety of weaponry with little difficulty, and you already have some Faith as well. The Broadsword will serve you well until you find a weapon you like better, but you will need to acquire a shield as a top priority. Consider buying the Silver Eagle Kite Shield in Majula.

Starting Equipment

Starting Stats

Level Vigor Endurance Vitality Attunement Strength Dexterity Adaptability Intelligence Faith Total Points
13 12 6 7 4 11 8 9 3 6 66

Total level costs

Total is the total amount of souls required to become that level.
See level for per level requirements.

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