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Region Name Related In-Game Areas Lord of the Region Natives Native Characters Visitors Armor Sets Weapons and Rings Spells
Aldia Aldia's Keep Lord Aldia Dragon Acolyte
Enhanced Undead?
Giant Acid Horn Beetle?
Prowling Magus
Undead Citizen
Merciless Roenna? Aslatiel Of Mirrah
Corrosive Ant Queen?
Lucatiel of Mirrah
Painting Guardian Phantom
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Aldia Hammer
Homunculus Mace
Homunculus Wooden Shield
Malformed Claws
Malformed Shell
Malformed Skull?
Alken - - Mad Warrior ? - Belfry Guard
Bell Keeper
Bell Keeper Set ?
Mad Warrior Set ?
Berserker Blade ?
Bell Keeper Shield
Bell Keeper Bow
Ring of Blades
Bell Keeper's Seal ?
Alonne Alonne Knight
Alonne Knight Captain
Alonne Captain Set
Alonne Knight Set
Alonne Greatbow
Blacksteel Katana
Amana Shrine of Amana Amana Shrine Maiden
Milfanito Felicia The Brave
King Vendrick
Lindelt Cleric
Peculiar Kindalur
Prowling Magus
Drangleic Every ingame location. King Vendrick
Dark Priestess
Hollow Infantry
Hollow Mage
Hollow Soldier
Primal Knight
Royal Infantry
Royal Soldier
Royal Swordsman
Royal Guard
Captain Drummond
Chancellor Wellager
Looking Glass Knight
Giant Lord
Sir Syan
Vorgol the Sinner?
All NPCs are found in Drangleic.
Bowman Guthry
Elite Giant
Old Ironclad Soldier
Ruin Sentinel
Stone Knight
Suspicious Shadow
Velstadt the Royal Aegis
Drangleic Set Defender Greatsword
Dragonrider Bow
Dragonrider's Halberd
Drangleic Sword
Fire Arrow
Grand Lance
Infantry Axe
Mastodon Greatsword
Mastodon Halberd
Royal Dirk
Royal Greatsword
Ruler's Sword
Syan's Halberd
Thorned Greatsword
Watcher Greatsword
Earthen Peak Earthen Peak
Harvest Valley
Mytha The Baneful Queen Manikin
Mounted Overseer
Poison Horn Beetle
Jester Thomas? Crescent Sickle Phantom
Desert Sorceress
Grave Warden
Jester Thomas
Laddersmith Gilligan
Lonesome Gavlan
Mild-mannered Pate
Stone Trader Chloanne
Undead Steelworker
Manikin Claws
Manikin Sabre
Manikin Knife
Mytha's Bent Blade
Forossa Vengarl of Forossa
Faraam Knight Phantom
Shieldless Lothian
Bandit Axe
Bandit Greataxe
Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe
Red Rust Scimitar
Heide Cathedral of Blue
Heide's Tower of Flame
Sentinel Phantom
Heide Knight
Blue Sentinel Targray Dragonrider
Licia of Lindeldt
Masterless Glencour
Old Dragonslayer
Old Knight
Heide Knight Set Blue Knight's Halberd?
Heide Greatlance
Heide Knight Sword
Heide Lance
Heide Spear
Iron Keep Iron Keep Old Iron King Artificial Undead?
Ironclad Soldier
Old Ironclad Soldier?
Undead Steelworker
Undead Laborer
Alonne Knight
Alonne Knight Captain
Lucatiel of Mirrah
Magerold of Lanafir
Smelter Demon
Iron King Hammer
Jugo Aurous Desert Sorceress
Corrosive Ant Queen
Benhart of Jugo
Aurous Knight?
Rhoy The Explorer?
Bluemoon Greatsword?
Lanafir Elite Knight Phantom
Greatbow Phantom
Magerold of Lanafir
Traveling Merchant Set
Durgo's Hat
Twin-headed Greatbow
Leydia Leydia Pyromancer
Leydia Witch
Lindelt Lindelt Cleric Licia of Lindeldt Archdrake Mace
Monastery Scimitar
Mirrah Suspicious Shadow Aslatiel of Mirrah
Cale the Cartographer
Creighton The Wanderer
Lucatiel of Mirrah
Benhart of Jugo? Creighton's Set
Lucatiel's Set
Mirrah Greatsword
Old Mirrah Greatsword
Shadow Dagger
Melfia Carhillion Of The Fold
Felkin the Outcast
Rosabeth of Melfia
Olaphis Straid of Olaphis Helix Halberd?
Tseldora Brightstone Cove Tseldora Duke Tseldora Parasite Spider
Parasitized Undead
Undead Peasant
Weaponsmith Ornifex? Ashen Knight Boyd
Benhart of Jugo
Hollow Mage
Mild Mannered Pate
Porcine Peasant
Prowling Magus
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Vengarl's Body
Moonlight Greatsword
Spider Fang
Undead Purgatory Undead Purgatory Bound Hand Axe
Chariot Lance
Shield Crossbow
Volgen Fiorenza
Maughlin The Armourer
Falconer Avelyn
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