King's Ring
king's ring

In-Game Description

A soul is much like a curse.
And those with strong souls must bear
within themselves an even stronger curse.

Vendrick, King of Drangleic, used a
powerful soul to keep the curse at bay.
In the end, he sought the flame that began it all.

Wear this ring to open the King's Gate.


Found at the end of Undead Crypt after the boss fight with Velstadt the Royal Aegis, it's in the room with Vendrick.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
King's Ring Increases fire damage by 2.5%
Opens three gates in three different areas that have the King's Seal on them.
Have the ring equipped in front of the gates and they will open.
Scholar of the First Sin: Enemy statues in Drangleic Castle will not attack whilst the King's Ring is equipped.
110 0.2

King's Gate locations

  • Forest of Fallen Giants - travel to the Cardinal Tower bonfire. From the bonfire, travel down the ladder on your right, from the ladder, go left across the stone bridge, then go through the door on your right and you will come upon a door on your left. Go through the door on your left and you'll be greeted by the door.
  • Shaded Woods - travel to the Ruined Fork Road bonfire. Go directly up the stairs and out the door at the top, then follow the path before you until you come upon the gate.
  • Drangleic Castle - travel to the King's Gate bonfire. Out the door and then immediately to your left is the gate.


  • After the ring is obtained, many NPCs will sell items that were not available before.
  • Unlike most rings, this item does not carry over when starting NG+.
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