King's Gate

How to open

After finding Vendrick in the Undead Crypts, you will receive the King's Ring. King's Gates will open when wearing this ring and standing within close proximity of the King's Gate. You can remove the ring after the gate has opened.


Forest of Fallen Giants

  • Take the Cardinal Tower bonfire. From the bonfire, go down the ladder on your right if facing the statue. After going down the ladder, take a left, go across the bridge, then go through the door on your right and you will come up to a door on the left. Go through here and you'll see the King's Gate. This King's Gate will lead you to the final bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants, "The Place Unbeknownst".

Shaded Woods

  • From the "Ruined Fork Road" bonfire where the path splits into 4, take the path directly north of the bonfire when entering the room and it will lead up to a King's Gate. This will lead you to Aldia's Keep.

Drangleic Castle

  • Once you have reached Drangleic Castle, go through the main castle gate. Stay on the first floor and follow along the right wall where there will be 2 Syan Knights. After defeating them go through the entryway and the door on the right. Fight the two guards in the small room then go down the ladder and through those doors then head right down the stairs to find the King's Gate. This is essentially the "final" King's Gate and will take you to the Throne of Want, the final boss' area.
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