Iron Flesh


In-Game Description

A pyromancy that internalizes the power of flame.
Turns the body into iron,
increasing defense and resistance.

As one might guess, the rock-solid flesh enabled
by this spell dramatically slows movement.
Guaranteed to cause trouble if used
at an inopportune moment.


A spell that significantly increases resistances while reducing mobility.


  • Increases all physical resistances (Strike, Slash, Thrust) and Poise by 100 points.
  • Increases all elemental and status effect resistances (Magic, Fire, Lightning, Dark, Poison, Bleed, Petrify, Curse) by 200 points.
  • Includes hidden modifiers that apply to the physical and elemental damage resistances (but not status effect resistances), making it more effective than the above numbers indicate.1



Sold by Rosabeth of Melfia for 3,500 souls.


Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots
Self/Buff 2-4 25 sec 1

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 2
43 3
94 4


  • The effectiveness of Iron Flesh was buffed in Calibrations 1.08. Most notably, the burden on equipment load was reduced from 100 to 65, making the required Vitality to avoid slow-rolling much lower than before.
  • Having 0% equipment load, don't have any armor or weapons equipped except for either Pyromancy Flame, and the following vitality stat to be able to roll:
    • 12 vitality for a Fat roll.
    • 40 vitality for a Mid roll.
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