Invisible Hollow


This enemy sits down, neither moving nor attacking.
They only take one hit to become visible and to die, but finding them is difficult.
The best way to find them is to carry a light source and illuminate their shadows.


Forest of Fallen Giants
It lies next to burning brazier. The fire illuminates its shadow.

No-Man's Wharf
It lies to the outer corner of the house next to the Pharros Lockstone.

Lost Bastille
It lies on top of the broken wall next to the chest guarded by The Pursuer from The Tower Apart bonfire.

Lost Bastille
It lies in the next room to Straid's cells.

Sinner's Rise
It lies in the first upper cell to your left when coming down from the elevator.

Shaded Woods
From the Ruined Fork Road bonfire, it lies on the left of the King's Gate leading to Aldia's Keep

Huntsman's Copse
It lies next to an unlit brazier in the building after the Undead Refuge bonfire.

The Gutter
One lies next to an unlit sconce surrounded by corpses.

The Gutter
Another lies on top of the structure, above the Mimic next to an unlit sconce.

The Gutter
Next to an unlit sconce, it lies on the rised, slanted platform leading back to the Upper Gutter bonfire.

The Gutter
It lies on right of the right unlit sconce of the fog door leading to the Central Gutter bonfire.

The Gutter
Below the Central Gutter bonfire, leading to the Black Gulch, there is only one platform with an unlit scone that is not attached to an above ladder. It lies on the corner connected to a taller platform with an unlit sconce connected to two above ladders.

Doors of Pharros
From the Gyrm's Respite bonfire, leading to Brightstone Cove Tseldora, after the Gyrm Warrior dual wielding two axes, it lies slightly past the brazier with a Gyrm.

Drangleic Castle
It lies to the farthest corner to the left of the castle entrance where the Royal Swordsman spawn.

Drangleic Castle
Inside the room containing the Sublime Bone Dust guarded by a Royal Guard, it lies in a corner near the door.

Shrine of Amana
One lies against a wall surrounding the Crumbled Ruins bonfire that faces towards the Pharros Lockstone.

Shrine of Amana
Another lies at the edge of the water, to the right of the shack leading to the Demon of Song


  • They can also block your movement, so if you are walking down a hallway and suddenly have your movement impeded, then there may be an invisible hollow by your feet.
  • Guard breaks and force spells do not affect them.
  • Besides using a light source, the Ring of Whispers can help reveal their presence.
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