In-Game Description

Attribute required for sorceries. Boosts magic DEF and proficiency in sorceries.


Intelligence Requirements

Spell Tools

Intelligence Equipment with Intelligence Requirement
10 Sorcerer's Staff
12 Blue Flame
15 Transgressor's Staff, Chime of Want
16 Witchtree Branch
18 Archdrake Staff, Lizard Staff, Sanctum Shield, Caitha's Chime, Retainer Staff
20 Black Witch's Staff, Bone Staff
22 Sunset Staff
25 Bat Staff
30 Pilgrim's Spontoon
35 Staff of Amana, Azal's Staff
40 Olenford's Staff
50 Staff of Wisdom


Intelligence Equipment with Intelligence Requirement
8 Silverblack Spear, Silverblack Sickle
10 Black Knight Greataxe, Sanctum Crossbow, Sanctum Repeating Crossbow
12 Blue Flame, Black Knight Greatsword, Crypt Blacksword, Sacred Chime Hammer, Roaring Halberd, Crescent Sickle, Scythe of Nahr Alma
13 Chaos Rapier
15 Watcher Greatsword, Retainer's Short Sword
16 Ruler's Sword
18 Moonlight Greatsword, Scythe of Want
20 Majestic Greatsword, Sorcerer's Twinblade
30 Pilgrim's Spontoon


Intelligence Equipment with Intelligence Requirement
8 Vessel Shield

Vessel Shield


Intelligence Equipment with Intelligence Requirement
14 Warlock Mask
16 Black Set, Chaos Set
20 Black Witch Domino Mask, Black Witch Hat

Equipment which increase Intelligence

Item Increase Other Effects
Black Hood 2 FTH +2
Casting Speed +12%
Chaos Hood 3 Casting Speed +5%
King's Crown 3 FTH +3
Warlock Mask 2 Souls gained +2.5%
Archdrake Helm 1
Black Hollow Mage Hood 1
Dark Mask 1 FTH +1
Desert Sorceress Hood 3
Dragon Sage Hood 1 FTH +1
Hexer's Hood 1 FTH +1
Spell Casts +10%
Leydia Black Hood 1 FTH +1
Moon Butterfly Hat 1 Poisons nearby characters
Moon Hat 2
White Hollow Mage Hood 1
Crown of the Sunken King 1 END +1, STR +1
DEX +1, FTH +1
VGR -1, VIT -1
Vessel Shield 1 VIG +1, ADP +1
END +1, FTH +1
STR +4, DEX +4
Ring of Knowledge 5
Blackweed Balm 5 Lasts 45 seconds
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