Insolent Knight

Insolent Knight


The clerics held venerated positions once,
but now, their souls wander aimlessly
in the depths of a murky darkness.

A red phantom wielding the weapons and armor of the Insolent Knights.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~1,450 800
2 ? ?
8 ? ?



Undead Crypt

Scholar of the First Sin only

In the large open chamber after passing through the dark room where Grave Warden Agdayne is found, there will be a torch sconce below the shortcut bridge with a message nearby saying "Don't you dare!".
Lighting this sconce will display the message: "When light is revealed, the shadows rise…", and spawn eleven knights across the crypt. Their locations are:

1) Starting from the Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire, in the room just after climbing the stairs.
2) In the big room with all the Undead Laborers and the first two Leydia Witches.
3) In the same room as the previous, at the back part of the room.
4) Down from the shortcut bridge, in front of the large sconce that spawns them. Note that it's easy for him to fall off the ledge, so it's best to lure him to the small platform in the corner at the top of the stairs in order to collect his loot.
5) On the shortcut bridge.
6) On the ledge with the ladder below the entrance. Will climb up to the chest with the Crushed Eye Orb and drop down to the bridge after spotting the player.
7) Standing just outside the hallway that leads to the boss.
8) Hiding among the tombstones on the left in the the hallway that leads to the boss.
9) Up the ladder, in the tombstone room after the Undead Ditch bonfire, guarding a Leydia Witch.
10) Up from the second tombstone room, In the room where the Nameless Usurper invades.
11) From the third tombstone room, inside the small room opened by a Pharros contraption, with the metal chest that contains a Great Lightning Spear scroll and the Olenford's Staff.

  • Another phantom in insolent gear will spawn after lighting the small sconce on the bridge. This one does not appear to drop anything.



  • They will back off and heal themselves with a Monastery/Dragon Charm when low on health.
  • Each spawns once per bonfire intensity level. Joining the Company of Champions will not respawn them.
  • One player picked up the following spread while farming (87 drops): Twinkling Titanite x21, Simpleton's Spice x20, Skeptic's Spice x10, Bonfire Ascetic x7, Shield x7, Helm x5, Armor x3, Gloves x5, Boots x8, Fragrant Branch x1.


Weakness Effectiveness
Strike ?%
Thrust ?%
Slash ?%
Projectile ?%


Resistance Reduction
Fire ?%
Magic ?%
Lightning ?%
Dark ?%
Poison Susceptible
Bleed Susceptible?


Attack Description
Lightning Spear
Dark Orb
Scraps of Life
Heavenly Thunder
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