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Phys: Physical Defense - how resilient the piece of armor is to a certain physical damage type.
The physical stats for a piece of armor are W / X / Y / Z:
  • W is base Physical DEF
  • X is defense vs. striking attacks
  • Y is defense vs. slashing attacks
  • Z is is defense vs. thrusting attacks
Mag: Magic DEF - defense against magic attacks.
Fre: Fire DEF - defense against fire attacks.
Lgt: Lightning DEF - defense against lightning attacks.
Drk: Dark DEF - defense against dark attacks.
Pse: Poise - ability to withstand the impact of attacks. Weak poise makes it easier to be knocked off-balance.
Psn: Poison resist - ability to withstand poison. Higher value reduces the chance of poisoning.
Bld: Bleed resist - resistance to incisive attacks which cause bleeding. Higher value reduces the chance of bleeding.
Pet: Petrify resist - ability to withstand petrification. Higher value reduces the chance of petrification.
Cse: Curse resist - ability to withstand the Hollowing curse. HP is reduced as hollowing increases in severity.
Dur: Current durability/maximum durability. At zero, items break and become ineffective. Durability is restored by resting at a bonfire, but a broken item must be repaired first.
Wt: Weight - weight of the item. Movement becomes sluggish if your load is too heavy.
PD+: Physical Defense bonus - influence of physical DEF on effectiveness of armor worn.
D:W: base Physical Defense to Weight ratio
P:W: Poise to Weight ratio
E:W: Elemental Defense to Weight ratio $((Mag+Fre+Lgt+Drk)/4)/Wt$
E/R: Effect/Requirement - special effect and/or attribute requirement
  • Required attribute: Strength - strength required to equip the item.
  • Required attribute: Dexterity - dexterity required to equip the item.
  • Required attribute: Intelligence - intelligence required to equip the item.
  • Required attribute: Faith - faith required to equip the item.
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