Illusory Wall

General Information

An Illusory Wall is a type of fake wall that will disappear upon interacting with it (Interaction button is X on PS3, A on 360, and Enter key on PC).

Certain Illusory Walls only appear after activating them with a Pharros' Lockstone. Some also have to be destroyed with explosives or regular weapons.


Forest of Fallen Giants

No-man's Wharf

  • In the building containing the gate-shortcut and Lucatiel's summon sign. Down the bottom of the stairs opposite the door.
  • In a room containing poison pots. Breaks by attacking.

Lost Bastille

  • Six around the Ruin Sentinels boss room:
    • One on the left wall giving access to a ladder.
    • One on the second floor accessed by a ladder in the left room.
    • One on the near far left of the first floor.
    • One on the near far right.
    • One on the far right.
    • One on the second floor near the staircase.
  • From Straid's Cell bonfire, go down 2 floors to the room with pots in the center (Hiding 2 Undead Citizens. At the end of the small dead end hallway next to the cage. This illusory wall leads to a diagonal hallway, with another wall in the middle of the left wall, that leads outside.
  • In the room before the large room with many chests and a Pharros contraption. Unlocked by exploding the barrels along the wall of the raised platform.

Sinner's Rise

  • Bottom floor, in the flooded hallway, first room on your right. (Opposite the first Enhanced Undead of the area.)

Huntsman's Copse

  • At the bottom of the Great Moth cave, with the mushroom lined-walls. On the opposite wall to the chest. Difficult to miss, since it's the only way out.

Earthen Peak

  • From the Central Earthen Peak bonfire, climb the stairs to the next floor, then climb the tall ladder. In the hallway to your left, the wall is just behind the 3 poison jars.
  • Two just before Mytha's boss room, on the platform above the entrance. The left one hides the 3rd bonfire.

Iron Keep

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

Undead Crypt

  • Past the second room full of graves, and the Leydia Witch up on a ledge, up the stairs into the room with the Nameless Usurper invasion. In the middle of the wall to your right as you enter.
  • In the grave filled room below the circular hole after the two Imperious Knights. Stand on the skeleton above the hole and drop down, the illusory wall will be behind you, revealing a Pharros' contraption.

Drangleic Castle

  • At the top of the second set of stairs outside the castle after the room with the painting of the Queen and the Nameless Usurper invasion (The invasion occurs after leaving the room). Take the ladder on your left down, the wall is just around the corner, in the left section of the two panel wall, revealing the Forgotten Chamber bonfire.

Aldia's Keep

  • Left wall near the middle of the staircase leading down to the corrosive acid pool. Contains a bonfire.

Memory of Orro

Dragon's Sanctum

Brume Tower

  • Outdoor ash area after first iron door. Guarded by Ashen Warriors. Chests contain Soul Vessel x2, Old Radiant Lifegem x4, and Wilted Dusk Herb x4.
  • After the Foyer bonfire in the area with the narrow spiked halls with iron bar gates that open into a central room with lots of explosive barrels. There are two visibly broken walls in the side corridor that can be destroyed by leading a Cask Runner in front of them and then blowing the Runner up. One chest contains Catarina Gauntlets and the Catarina Leggings. The other chest contains Petrified Dragon Bone x8.
  • Close to the bottom of an elevator built into the wall. Has to be activated while riding it. Leads to Hollow Skin.
  • Taking the right-hand path above the elevator built into the wall, there are two long halls with flaming bull heads that can be pushed down tracks. At the start of the second (upper) hall, there is a cracked wall that can be destroyed by using a Cask Runner. Behind is the Dispelling Ring +1.

Frozen Eleum Loyce

  • After the three Facsimile Giants that block a chest near the Inner Wall bonfire, there is a long, empty dead-end corridor with an illusory wall.
  • Behind the door opened by four lit sconces, immediately to your left.
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