Illusory Ring of a Conqueror
illusory ring of a conqueror

In-Game Description

A ring of blue stone.
The stone is misshaped, however imperceptibly.
Renders certain equipment invisible.

Do not judge foes by their appearance.
He who approaches without a sword
carries two behind his back.


Beat the game without dying. The ring is added to your inventory after the credits.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Illusory Ring of a Conqueror Left hand weapon becomes invisible 130 0.2


  • Dying as a Phantom counts as a death.
  • Dying with either Ring of Protection equipped counts as a death.
  • Getting cursed doesn't count as a death.
  • Only deaths in the current game cycle count. A character who has died before can enter a new game cycle and try again.
  • To check if you have died, go offline and interact with the engraving on the monument in Majula. It will tell you how many times that character has died, if it says 0 you are still eligible to receive the ring. (This only works in New Game).
  • You can only get 1 per character if done by a no death run. Trying to do it on the next playthrough will yield nothing.

Roadmap to both Illusory Rings


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