Ice Rat

Ice Rat


Small rat-like creatures covered in icicles. They attack by rolling at their enemies, hoping to impale them on their backs.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 400 230
2 450 460
8 870 920
  • Inflicts Bleed buildup when taking damage, as well as coming into contact with its body.


Frozen Eleum Loyce
Found in the Lower Garrison bonfire area.



Weakness Effectiveness
Strike ?
Thrust ?
Slash ?
Projectile 100%


Resistance Reduction
Fire 15%
Magic ?
Lightning ?
Dark ?
Poison Susceptible
Bleed Susceptible


Attack Description
Move Description
Move Description


  • Long-lost cousin of the Wheel Skeletons from Dark Souls, these rats will roll at you from mid range, dealing moderate, but repeated damage and also being deceptively difficult to dodge, having a fair tracking ability.
  • Bait them into close-range swipes, but don't go too close, as you can be damaged by simply standing next to them. Try using a longer weapon to dispatch them without any danger, such as a spear, halberd or greatsword.
  • Another valid tactic is to snipe them from afar, as their roll can be interrupted by a solid hit, and they do not have a tremendous amount of health.
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