Bearer of the curse, seek misery, Till this frail hope shatters. Lest this land swallow you whole.
As it has so many others. The curse is a part of life itself.


Your character in Dark Souls II is a cursed undead. Each playthrough starts with your character's full Humanity intact, but with each death a bit of Humanity is lost. This process is called "hollowing". Hollowing has several, mostly negative effects on gameplay:

  • Incremental reduction of your health bar with each in-game death (5% of max HP lost per death). Once your character is fully hollow, your available HP will be limited to 50% of max HP.
  • Lose the ability to summon other players for co-op.
  • Lose the ability to use some items to invade other players.
  • Character appearance visually degrades.
  • Some NPCs may recognize your hollow status and offer new lines of dialogue.

Restoring Humantity

When you restore your Humanity, hollow status is fully reset and all negative effects are removed.

  1. Use a Human Effigy.
  2. Help other players in co-op kill bosses. Get summoned by placing a sign using the Small White Sign Soapstone or the White Sign Soapstone.
    You don't need to actually kill the area boss in order to restore your Humanity if you complete your duty before a boss fight.
  3. Pray to the Altar of Amana in Shrine of Amana in order to restore Humanity. Does not work if you have one or more Human Effigies in your inventory, in the item box, or on the ground.
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