Human Effigy

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Human Effigy

In-Game Description

A warm, soft, shadow-like effigy.

Use this item to reverse Hollowing.
It also weakens the links to other worlds,
preventing invasions and most cooperation.

Peer closely at an effigy, and one begins
to perceive a human form, but whose form
it takes depends on the person looking.


  • Reverse hollowing to regain human form and max HP.
  • When burned while resting at a bonfire, disables most forms of multiplayer activity and prevents invasions for a limited time1 in that bonfire area. One must remain in that area for the timer to expire. Time spent outside that area will not count towards the timer.


Where to buy:

Chest and Corpse locations:

Enemy drops:

Other sources:

  • Starting gift choice
  • Gift from Lucatiel of Mirrah when you meet her for the second time (exhaust her dialogue)
  • Six can be obtained by killing Strowen the Fire Keeper, or by returning to her after obtaining the King's Ring


  • Altar of Amana in Shrine of Amana restores your humanity as long as you do not have any effigies in your inventory. This includes having effigies in your item box or dropping them on the ground. See the article itself for more info.
  • If you need to be human fast and are out of Human Effigies, place a Small White Sign Soapstone. You will be summoned to another world for around five minutes. Once your duty is fulfilled, you will be returned to your world in human form.

Farming effigies

  1. Have at least one Bonfire Ascetic or one Human Effigy (if you have the Effigy you can skip to step 3).
  2. Go to Majula or the first Bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants and get all the Effigies in there (see Availability for further information).
  3. With at least one Human Effigy go to Darkdiver Grandahl and offer him this Effigy so you can go to Dark Chasm of Old.
  4. Kill all the Abyss Phantoms for Ascetics. They are a common drop. By using the Ascetics in the right areas you can get 6 to 8 human effigies.
  5. Easy places to farm effigies are the first bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants and the mansion in Majula:
  • Burning Ascetics at the Forest bonfire will respawn the chest under the first bridge in the area, meaning you can get 5 (changed to 1 in update 1.06) per Ascetic, and the enemies in this area are easy enough that you can fight them even at NG+7 levels.
  • Burning Ascetics in Majula will respawn the skeletons in the basement of Cale's mansion, and they are guaranteed to drop one Effigy each. This method is a bit harder to do, but the more Ascetics you burn, the more skeletons will be in the basement, up to a total of 8 (Ng+7). So you can get 8 guaranteed effigies per ascetic once the Far Fire has reached an intensity of 8 or higher. Bear in mind that the skeletons get very difficult and have a lot of HP, and there are 8 of them, but it pays off in the end.
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