You die if this reaches zero.1

Derived stat that determines maximum Hitpoints, represented by the red bar at the top of the screen. You die when you lose all of your Hitpoints. [Citation Needed]

Influence of Attributes on HP

Attribute 4-20 21-50 50-99
Vigor +30 +20 +5
All Other Attributes +2 +1 0

Base hit points is 500, and the stat based bonuses above are added to it.

How to Increase Max HP

Method Increase
Life Ring 5%/7.5%/12.5%/15%
Blue Seal 3%
First/Second/ Third Dragon Ring 3%/5%/7.5%
Resonant Flesh 20%
Increase Vigor See Above
Increase other attributes See Above

When all stats are at 50, and vigor at 99, 2505 HP can be achieved. Around 4,000 HP can be reached with the use of items.

New Player Info

Health doesn't naturally regenerate in Dark Souls 2. Health is generally restored by the use of items, such as the Estus Flask. Health regeneration is also granted by some equipment and spells.

You may have noticed that, after dying a few times, portions of your maximum health bar begin to become inaccessible to you. This will continue each time you die until half of your maximum health is locked. You may use a Human Effigy from your inventory to restore your health bar to its maximum size. In addition, there is an item that decreases the total percentage of your health bar that can become locked to 25%, rather than 50% (Ring of Binding).

Fulfilling your duties as a summoned phantom will also restore your humanity, and therefore your health bar.

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