Housekeeper Milibeth
Housekeeper Milibeth


A housemaid who lives with the three Old Firekeepers, Strowen, Morrel and Griant, in Things Betwixt. Milibeth
cares for the elderly sisters and handles the chores and housework, a role fulfilled by
many generations of her maternal ancestors before her.

Milibeth will initially provide you with some background information on herself and the three elderly women in her care.


Things Betwixt
The Old Firekeeper's house.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1090 0
2 ? 0
8 ? 0



  • After venturing past the Firekeepers hut and defeating the two Ogres on the beach, speak to Milibeth and she will reward you with the Handmaid's Ladle.
  • If you attack any one of the Old Firekeepers, Milibeth will attack you.
  • If she is killed, the Old Firekeepers will no longer speak to you.


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