Hollow Soldier

aka Hollow Royal Soldier

Hollow Royal Soldier


Now Hollowed, these were once Royal Soldiers of the Drangleic Kingdom. Their equipment was constructed by the royal blacksmith from high quality materials, but now it is falling apart. They continue defend the kingdom loyally.1


Forest of Fallen Giants
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~270 90
2 ~550 180
8 ? 360
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~280 90
2 ~600 180
8 ? 360
Shield and spear
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~330 90
2 ~670 180
8 ? 360
Estoc and shield
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~250 90
2 ~520 180
8 ? 360


  • Strike: ~110%
  • Slash: ~110%
  • Thrust: ~170%


  • Medium Fire, Lightning and Dark Resistance
  • Low Magic Resistance



  • Be careful of their shield smash attack, which will probably wipe out most of your stamina bar and stagger you. This has a slow wind-up and is easily avoided, plus it leaves a wide opening for counterattack.
  • The spear and shield variant will turtle behind their shield most of the time. Forward + Light Attack will execute a guard break. Alternatively, block one of their spear thrusts which will give an easy opening.
  • Thrusting Sword and Shield wielders will, very rarely, parry your attacks followed by, again very rarely, a riposte for heavy damage.


  • A tough early enemy for the novice or poorly-equipped player, with several attacks that either hit hard, or can stagger/stunlock the player. Luckily, Hollow Soldiers are relatively slow with attack patterns which can be easily exploited for backstabs.
  • The corpse-like ambushing Hollow Soldiers can be killed before they rise to attack.
  • The halberd users have very large parry windows, making them useful for training parrys
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