Heirs of the Sun
Heirs of the Sun


Worship of the sun, now a lost belief, was once widespread amongst great warriors.
Members of this covenant can leave their golden signs to be more easily summoned to join their brethren in jolly cooperation.

How to Join

In Harvest Valley, take the right path in the area after The Mines bonfire. Cross the bridge over the poison gas and fight the hammer-wielding Undead Steelworker. Before going inside Earthen Peak, venture left down a path. At the end of this path, there will be an altar bathed in sunlight (and an Artificial Undead guarding it).

Kneeling at the altar and joining the covenant will grant you the Sun Seal.

Covenant Rewards

For each boss you defeat with a host or as a host with a member of this covenant, you are given a Sunlight Medal. Offer them at the altar to rank up.

Rank Required Sunlight
0 0 Sun Seal
1 10 Sunlight Parma
2 20 Sun Sword
3 30 Sunlight Spear miracle



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