Heide's Tower of Flame

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Dragonrider Licia of Lindeldt
Masterless Glencour
Ring of Binding
Human Effigy
Knight Set
Old Knight Halberd
Old Knights
Bonfire Intensity 2+ only enemies:
Roaming Soul Executioner Phantom
Roaming Soul Sentinel Phantom
Scholar of the First Sin:
Heide Knight
Guardian Dragon
Sublime Bone Dust
Old Knight Set
Old Knight Greatsword
Old Knight's Shield
Old Knight Ultra Greatsword
Old Knight Hammer


A sunken kingdom forgotten in time.



  • Heide's Ruin
    After exiting the sewer tunnel from Majula, head forward until you reach two statues of knights. To the right of them there is a path leading downwards, the bonfire is located there.
  • Tower of Flame
    After defeating the Dragonrider boss, head up the stairs to the right. At the top of the stairs, you will find the bonfire.


Completionist Guide

Heide's Tower Of Flame Map

Item Guide

Tower of Flame Walkthrough

This is a small area with two bosses. Orienting yourself as you emerge from the sewer tunnel, the Old Dragonslayer is in the Cathedral of Blue to your left. You can avoid fighting him unless you want to join the Blue Sentinels. The Dragonrider is in the circular structure straight ahead. You must defeat him to progress to No-man's Wharf. It's worth heading toward the Cathedral first as there is valuable loot just before the boss fight. In SotFS you can ignore all the sitting Heide Knights, they are passive until hit, or you kill the Dragonrider.

After exiting the sewers, head towards the first Old Knight. Before you get to him take the path to the right down to the bonfire. You can run past the Knights easily but you will want to defeat the two that guard switches. The Knights will pursue you so you may wish to eliminate them. Stay close, circle and roll. Be wary of falling off the narrow path into the sea. The second Knight who wields a great hammer will not respawn so taking him out will make subsequent run throughs easier. He does respawn in SotFS. There is loot on a corpse to the right of the stairs. The third Knight guards a switch that raises an outer ring of floor in the Dragonrider's area which will make that fight much easier.

Follow the path into the large circular structure and head left to the Cathedral of Blue or right to the Dragonrider. There are three Knights in here but you can just run past. Heading left you will find loot down stairs to your left and two more Knights before a set of stairs straight ahead. Continue up the stairs to an open platform. The enemies will follow you so be quick. The final sword-wielding Knight awaits. Circle and roll, trying to hit his back. If the last two Knights arrive, backtrack across the narrow walkway for some breathing space and healing if needed. Stay locked onto the original Knight because as soon as he is dead, the switch will appear. Activate the switch and a drawbridge to the Cathedral of Blue with appear. The drawbridge will now be permanent. At the top of the bridge is a chest with the Ring of Binding. Enter the Cathedral of Blue through the fog gate and fight the Old Dragonslayer.

Head back to take the path to Dragonrider or travel back to the first bonfire if you haven't activated the switch behind the Knight. In the large circular building with the three Knights, there is a switch which raises another ring of floor in the Dragonrider boss area. Leaving the large circular building, follow the stairs down to the right. There is a chest to the right and a Knight to the left before the fog gate. Run past him and enter, or fight him in order to summon an NPC White Phantom, Masterless Glencour.

In the boss fight, stay close to Dragonrider, circle and roll to your left and hit him in the back. Manage your stamina carefully as quick rolling is the key here. His swings are easily avoided. He will try to bash you with his shield and break your poise. Don't back away as he will charge you. Be careful of falling in this confined space. When victorious, head through the door and up the stairs to the bonfire and to talk to Licia of Lindeldt who sells miracles. Carry on to No-man's Wharf.


  • The first lever is behind the second sword-wielding Knight from the Heide's Ruin bonfire. You must kill the Knight.
  • The second lever is within the circular room with three Old Knights after the Heide's Ruin bonfire. You must kill all the Knights.
  • The third lever is near the drawbridge to Cathedral of Blue, you must kill the Knight next to it for it to appear. In Scholar of the First Sin, the Knight is replaced by a Guardian Dragon.
  • Activating the first and second lever before entering the Dragonrider boss fight will extend the floor tiles to cover the water-filled holes in his room.
  • Burning a Bonfire Ascetic at the first bonfire:
  • Burning an Ascetic at the first bonfire does not affect the Cathedral of Blue - as a result, the bridge to the Old Dragonslayer boss fight stays lowered if you previously lowered it, and neither the chest nor the corpse will spawn new items, and Old Dragonslayer will not respawn.
  • Burning an Ascetic at the bonfire after the Dragonrider has no effect in the area.
  • Sorcerers can safely farm the Old Knights with their 30 soul arrows for an easy lead in souls over other classes
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