Head of Vengarl
Head of Vengarl


The better half of Vengarl of Forossa, a towering killer infamous enough to murder his way to the top in a country full of cutthroats. After some unknowable incident in the witchtree forest separated Vengarl from his body, the latter stomped off on its own to continue the carnage.

After untold years of sitting motionless in a pile of skulls, Vengarl found contentment and now provides good advice on Drangleic.


Shaded Woods
Take the right exit from the Forked Road bonfire to enter the foggy woods and stick to the left wall. You'll find the merchant in the center of a stone clearing.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ~3100 8,000
2 ? 16,000
8 ? 32,000

Summon Locations

He can be summoned only after his body has been defeated.

Throne of Want
Near the fog wall, available for both boss fights.

Dragon Shrine
In the hallway before Ancient Dragon.

Frigid Outskirts
Near the channeling statues.


Sells equipment, Gold Resin and Lightning Urns.


Weapons Total Soul Cost Notes
Claymore 4,300
Greatsword 5,000
Red Rust Sword 1 7,000 After defeating Vengarl's Body,
Red Rust Scimitar 1 7,500 After defeating Vengarl's Body,
Red Rust Shield 1 4,500 After defeating Vengarl's Body,
Ring of Soul Protection 1 8,000 Saves souls on death but breaks. (Not in Scholar of the First Sin)
Destructive Greatarrow 180 Deals extra damage to durability.
Lightning Urn 400 Throwable item.
Gold Pine Resin 1,500 Buffs weapon with Lightning.
Magic Barrier 1 2,700 Miracle



  • Ensure the invisible Forest Guardians have not followed before speaking with Vengarl.
  • Listen to his story from start to finish and he passes on his famous helmet.
  • Teaches the Decapitate gesture.


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Voiced by: Jason Pitt

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