Harvest Valley

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
None Stone Trader Chloanne
Lonesome Gavlan
Fragrant Branch of Yore
Titanite Chunk
Fire Seed
Skeptic's Spice
2x Simpleton's Spice
Old Knight Pike
Old Knight Greatshield
Mounted Overseer
Artificial Undead
Undead Laborer
Undead Steelworker
Crystal Lizard
Scholar of the First Sin:
Desert Sorceress
Undead Supplicant
Red Phantom Artificial Undead - Bonfire Intensity 2+
Foot Soldier Shield
Prisoner's Set
Full Moon Sickle
Scholar of the First Sin:
Desert Sorceress Set


A Valley of Poison and lots of mobs. Has a bonfire in beginning and a merchant who will later sell of different kinds of upgrade stones after you find Vendrick.



  • Poison Pool
    Soon after entering the area, the bonfire is to your right through a pool of poison.
  • The Mines
    After you open a gate, the bonfire is to your right.

General Notes

  • Due to the volume of poison inflicting areas and enemies, farming Poison Moss in Huntsman's Copse can be helpful if you are having trouble.
  • Using a Torch while in the poison tunnels improves vision.
  • Burning the windmill in Earthen Peak removes the pool of poison outside the first bonfire of the area.
  • The Heirs of the Sun covenant altar can be found here. Take the path to the left where the first Undead Steelworker is.
  • It's important to note that if you are actively taking damage from poison, being in the poison mist (or any exposure to poison) does not increase the damage you take or the duration of your current poisoning. It will only start affecting you again when your current poison is finished. So if you are attempting to get all the items in the poison mist you often are better off just enduring the poison, using estus to keep yourself alive, and planning on returning to a bonfire afterwards. This helps you save a lot of poison recovery items.


Harvest Valley Map (Japanese)

Item Guide

Poison Pool

The first bonfire is accessed as soon as you enter this area. It is to the right of your path, through a pool of poison. Poison will stick to you when you pass through it and will continue to build for some time after you leave the pool. Sprinting through the pool should allow you to pass through without actually poisoning your character.

Slightly beyond the bonfire, you will have your first encounter with Stone Trader Chloanne. She can sell you some spells & regular titanite shards at this point. Exhaust her dialog options and she will relocate to Majula.

Continuing on down the path, you will come to the first area filled with poison mist. Passing through the mist will build your poison gauge, but unlike the pool, doesn't stick to your player. You also encounter your first Mounted Overseer. They are slow, but their dark magic and melee attacks can be devastating. Once he is dead, you are free to collect the mass quantity of loot in the poison mist, including what is likely the first Titanite Chunk of your playthrough.

Right behind where the Mounted Overseer was located is the entrance to a small cave with a single Skeleton. Once he has been dispatched, you are free to loot the dead body hanging over the pit. The body contains a Fragrant Branch of Yore. In this same small cave there is a chest within the poison pool at the bottom containing a Fire seed and a Divine Blessing. Continue further into the cave for a chest containing a Raw Stone and another encounter with Lonesome Gavlan (only if you have already talked to him in No-Man's Wharf). Once you have finished trading with him, you can head back out of the cave.

Up the ramp, you can access the next area with two Mounted Overseers (replaced by two Desert Sorceresses in Scholar of the First Sin); use the same tactics as before or climb the ladders in the area to snipe them from range. Just be aware that there are several Undead Laborers on the cliffs as well. By climbing the ladder at the back of the small valley, you can access a switch that will open the door to the mines. Go through the gate you just opened and the Mines bonfire will be in a tunnel to the right.

The Mines

After resting at the bonfire, exit back out of the tunnel and head right into an open area without any enemies. Be careful of the open pits scattered throughout this open area; none of the drops will kill you, but you drop down into poison mist. At several points, you can drop down into the mist to access some loot and exit out without encountering enemies or major delays.

If you take a left through a gap in the wall, you can access a side area with a ton of loot. Once you reach the top of the hill, a Mounted Overseer will smash through a wall. If you circle around him, you can trigger him to attack the back wall and open access to some, otherwise unreachable, loot. (In NG+ the second wall will be broken down by an Artificial Undead). An Old Knight Pike and Old Knight Greatshield can be found on the body in the righthand corner.

Exit back through the path you entered by and about halfway through, you can access an additional area through a hole in the wall to your left. Note - once entering that area, you will not be able to exit through the hole you pass through. This is home to a fairly nasty ambush with four Artificial Undead. Avoid engaging them all at the same time. Ideally, sprinting up the ramp, looping 180 back to follow the path and breaking the wood slats blocking the exit. From there, you can engage them one at a time. This is an excellent opportunity to use Yearn. Remain in the alley and do not drop into the arena, fire Yearn across the area then pick the Artificial Undead off with Sorcery or arrows. Once they are all dead, you can access a fairly significant stash of loot. Be sure to break all of the slots to access loot hidden in the alcoves; watching out for some random Undead Laborer. Once you have collected everything, head back up the ramp and out the same path where you fought the Overseers. Going left leads to a drop into poison mist that will kill you but there is a Crystal Lizard so zap it with magic and approach the edge with caution. If you instead go right, you can access some additional loot and drop back into the open area with pits, near the bonfire. Stopping at the bonfire again is recommended at this point as you won't have to fight these enemies again.
Loot from this area:

From the bonfire, walk out again into the open area and go through the tunnel on the right side. On the other side you see a bridge, drop down to the right of this bridge, the body here contains the spell Chameleon and some additional loot in the poison mist. Once you do that, you will have to either engage or side-skirt two more Mounted Overseer.

Head back up the ramp and across the wood bridge to engage your first Undead Steelworker. From that wood bridge there are three paths. One left, one straight, one farther off to the right. Follow the path straight to a doorway that leads to another Undead Steelworker in a room full of poison pots. He'll aggro you when you take the left or right path so best to kill him now even though you're not going to actually take the straight path yet. You can aggro him without entering the room, which is highly recommended to avoid the poison pots and aggroing more enemies. Once he is dead, go take the left path instead. It'll lead around the poison mist pit to another cave. Once inside, watch for another Artificial Undead. Be careful as he tends to be at different locations in the cave when you go in. Once he has been dispatched, you can access the Heirs of the Sun covenant and learn the Praise the Sun gesture by praying at the altar.

Exit the cave and head back towards the wooden bridge and this time you want to take the right path. There will be a stone corridor leading into a room full of poison pots with two more Undead Steelworker. Try to lure the one out before entering; the second will be standing immediately to your left when you enter the room. Once both are dead you can walk through the doorway on the other side and you'll find a poison mist room. You are now in Earthen Peak and this path will have some good items (including Estus Flask Shard) before becoming a dead end. You will have to momentarily go back to Harvest Valley before entering Earthen Peak from another door. Information for this dead end and then onward can be found in a separate section within the walkthrough for Earthen Peak.

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