Greatsword Phantom
Greatsword Phantom


This phantom stands watch over the entrance to the Undead Purgatory. His origin is unknown, but he is currently standing guard over the entrance to the domain of Nahr Alma's followers.1


Huntsman's Copse
Just before fog gate entry to Executioner's Chariot boss fight.
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,650 2,150
2 3,000 4,300
8 5,680 8,600




  • The strange appearance of this phantom is the hallmark of the Brotherhood of Blood. The burning white tint signifies at least Rank 2 in the covenant, which requires 150 kills.
  • This phantom is a one time-only encounter in NG or at Bonfire Intensity 1, but will start respawning from NG+ onwards.
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