Greatbow Phantom


The hero Durgo, an expert bowman,
and his brother-in-law defended their
homeland from aggressors.
In spite of Lanafir's policy of isolationism,
Durgo was well known even beyond its domain.


Dark Souls II only

Drangleic Castle
In front of the King's Gate. He defends the gate with the Elite Knight Phantom. Bonfire Intensity 2 or higher.
Spawns only after you get the King's Ring.

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) N/A N/A
2 (NG+) ~3,600 3,560
8 (NG+7) ? 7,120




  • From the King's Gate bonfire, walk out hugging the right wall as this will, most of the time, only aggro him and not his buddy the Elite Knight Phantom. Next you'll want to lure him into the small hallway with the ladder and the stone soldier statues.
  • Once he's inside, run up and start hitting him into a nook or corner so he can't move too much or at all because doing this means he can't attack you. as he can only use his bow and only if your as certain distance from him, making this a one sided fight in your favor.


  • Removed in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.
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