Great Magic Barrier


In-Game Description

Superior miracle to Magic Barrier.
Increases resistance to magic, lightning,
fire, and dark.

The Knights of Mirrah are expected to fight
honorably, with reliance only upon swordsmanship.
They only resort to magic the only time they
truly need it: to face the magic of an enemy.


Increases Magic, Lightning, Fire, and Dark Defense by 250 points. The duration is dependent on the user's Faith.

In contrast to its weaker version Magic Barrier, this miracle does not affect allies!


Disables the Resistance from Pyromancy Spell Flash Sweat and from the Miracles Magic Barrier and from the Items Small Orange Burr, Small Blue Burr, Small Yellow Burr, Dark Troches.


  • Sold by Chancellor Wellager for 9,300 souls.
  • Aldia's Keep treasure. It can be found in an iron chest just to right of the grand staircase on the second floor.
  • Drangleic Castle treasure. From the King's Gate bonfire head through the first soul door on your right until you reach some stairs. Under those stairs is a corpse with the miracle. (Bonfire Intensity 2+ only)


Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Attunement Slots
Self/Buff 1-3 28 18-90 sec 1

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 1
43 2
94 3

Duration Increases with Faith

Faith Duration
10 18 sec
20 34 sec
30 57 sec
42 90 sec
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