Great Lightning Spear


In Game Description

A miracle that launches a great spear of lightning.
Said to be the legacy of an ancient clan
whose leader was revered as the God of Sun.

The name of the clan has been lost to time,
but the gross incandescence of our magnificent
father shall never wane.


A powerful, conjured throwing spear that does Lightning damage.

Deals approximately 2.35x the Attack Rating of your weapon.

Does 18% of the damage the enemy would take as AOE (area of effect) damage.
Example: If you hit a wall beside an enemy with a Spear, the enemy will take 18% of the damage they would normally take if they had been hit directly.

When you hit an enemy directly, they also get hit with the AOE (unless they die from the direct hit), therefore they take 118% damage.

If a spear hits either the water or an enemy in water, a short range AoE burst deals extra damage to any enemy in the water close to the point of impact. (The water AoE combined with the existing AoE makes this do a large amount of damage).


  • Sold by Straid of Olaphis for 13,000 souls after Undead Crypt.
  • Down the Pit in Majula, Talk to Laddersmith Gilligan and pay him 12,000 souls to drop the large ladder. Descend the ladder until you are on a platform, climb the smaller ladder. Open the door by using the Forgotten Key which is found in Black Gulch. The miracle is in the right metal chest.
  • In Undead Crypt, hidden behind an illusory wall which is activated by a Pharros' Lockstone. Find the room containing numerous Undead Laborer enemies which attempt to ring stone bells to summon additional Leydia Pyromancers from rectangular, upright, and destroyable statues. Initially, you must drop down into this room from an upper floor. There is an illusory wall hidden at the midway point of one of the walls. If you enter the room from the lever-activated shortcut, the wall will be on your left. Open the illusory wall, and use a Lockstone to activate another illusory wall which can be attacked to reveal the chest containing the scroll along with Olenford's Staff.


Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Attunement Slots
Ranged/Lightning 2-10 42 N/A 1

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement* Uses
10 2
20 3
38 4
43 5
49 6
58 7
79 8
94 10

*More testing needs to be done to get exact numbers

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