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General Information

Many important characters in Dark Souls 2 can be killed, accidentally or on purpose. Most of them can be revived, albeit temporarily, by interacting with their gravestones. Reviving costs souls. Their revival will only last until you load another area.

The amount of time it takes for a Gravestone to appear depends on the NPC. It can range from a couple of hours to several hours.

Losing Special Services

The purpose of the gravestones is so you can interact with NPCs after they've died. Sometimes this allows you to continue using their services uninhibited, asides from the revival cost, but this isn't always the case. In most situations where an NPC is killed before they've arrived at their final location, their gravestone will only spawn where they were killed. It will not move or have available services/ items updated. Here are a few specific examples (but not the only cases):

One important exception to this is the Emerald Herald. Regardless of where she is killed, her grave will appear in Majula and she will retain her normal interaction options.

Additionally, the following functions/ services are lost for all NPCs that apply:

  • NPCs that are normally summon-able for co-op will not be available for co-op after they're killed, and their questline will be "frozen" where it was.
  • Most NPCs that give rewards based on how many souls you've spent with them will not gift these items at their gravestone. This includes NPCs that do otherwise update their inventories with other goods based on the player's game progress.

Maintaining Special Services

In most cases where an NPC is at their final destination, their inventories will continue to update properly. A couple examples include:

  • If in Majula, Melentia's gravestone will have its inventory updated to include slain NPCs' gear, more Brightbugs, etc.
  • If in Majula, Chloanne will continue to update her inventory based on your game progress as well.

Check the notes in the table below for more specifics or anomalies.

NPC Revival Info

Character Cost Initial Wait Notes
Merchants -
Blacksmith Lenigrast 2,000 3 Hours Offers full services, even if his house is unlocked after killing him.
Carhillion of the Fold 3,500
Cromwell the Pardoner 7,000 5 Hours Offers full services after death, including pardon.
Felkin the Outcast 7,500
Grave Warden Agdayne 3,000
Head of Vengarl 3,000
Laddersmith Gilligan 13,000 Ceases to offer ladders, other interactions remain.
Licia of Lindeldt 7,000 4 Hours
Lonesome Gavlan 3,500
Maughlin the Armourer 3,500 2.5 Hours Ability to update inventory after death depends.1
Merchant Hag Melentia 4,000 1.5 Hours Will update inventory if killed in Majula.
Rosabeth of Melfia 4,000 2.5 Hours Ghost form wears default ragged clothes, option to gift clothes is lost.
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan 9,000 3.5 Hours Lose out on missions, though able to purchase items.
Steady Hand McDuff 3,500 3 Hours Able to accept Dull Ember and offer services, even if killed right away.
Stone Trader Chloanne 2,500 2.5 Hours Will update inventory if killed in Majula.
Straid of Olaphis 14,000
Weaponsmith Ornifex 11,000 4 Hours Offers services only if killed in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.
Covenant Leaders -
Belfry Guard 4,500 Gravestone appears at both locations, regardless of location killed.
Blue Sentinel Targray 6,000
Darkdiver Grandahl 5,500 3.5 Hours Inconsistent results, do not kill if you intend to enter the Abyss.2
Magerold of Lanafir 8,500 4.5 Hours Able to accept the Petrified Egg after death and offers usual services.
The Rat King 3,500 Grave appears only at location of death.
Saulden, the Crestfallen Warrior 500
Titchy Gren 6,000
Others -
Captain Drummond 1,500
Cale the Cartographer 2,000 1.5 Hours Able to gift House Key if killed in Forest of Fallen Giants.
Creighton the Wanderer 2,500
Benhart of Jugo 3,000
Emerald Herald 2,500 5 Hours Grave spawns in Majula, regardless of death location. Services remain.
Griant 1,000 2 Hours Reviving is pointless.
Lucatiel of Mirrah 3,500 1.5 Hours
Manscorpion Tark 2,500 2.5 Hours Able to gift event items.
Milfanito 2,500
Mild Mannered Pate 2,000 1 Hour Able to gift White Sign Soapstone if killed in Forest of Fallen Giants.
Morrel 1,000 2 Hours Reviving is pointless.
Housekeeper Milibeth 1,000 2 Hours
Strowen 15,000 2 Hours Found around the right side of hut's front entrance, accepts Soul Vessel.


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