Grave Warden Agdayne
Grave Warden Agdayne


A gravekeeper with a disdain for light. He is a Fenito who watches over the Undead Crypt after being told to do so by "the one who gave us the first Death." Be warned, he will attack the player if they approach him with a lit torch or the Cast Light spell active!


Undead Crypt
After the room with three Leydia Witches.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ? 4,000
2 ? 8,000
8 ? 16,000

Summon Location

Undead Crypt
Found just in the hall before Velstadt the Royal Aegis, next to the last pillar to the left of the room. He wields the Crypt Blacksword and can cast several Dark spells.


Sells useful equipment for casters and a limited but large quantity of Effigies.


Weapons Total Soul Cost
Shield of the Insolent 1 6,400
Armor Total Soul Cost
Insolent Helm 1 5,400
Insolent Armor 1 9,000
Insolent Gloves 1 6,300
Insolent Boots 1 7,200
Rings Total Soul Cost
Ring of Thorns +1 1 9,000
Ammunition Total Soul Cost
Dark Arrow 60
Dark Bolt 80
Consumables Total Soul Cost
Human Effigy 13 3,000
Elizabeth Mushroom 13 4,500
Scrolls Total Soul Cost
Soul Spear 1 12,000
Soul Vortex 1 10,400
Soul Appease 1 8,800
Warmth 1 5,200



  • The three Grave Wardens near him are unaggressive if you don't have a light source active. Attacking one of them will aggro all three of them, but Agdayne himself will not become hostile unless you attack him directly or bring light into the room.
  • Talk to him to receive his armour set and Darkdrift after obtaining the King's Ring in Vendrick's chamber.
  • You can 'Ask for pardon' from Cromwell the Pardoner in exchange for souls equal to your level x1000 to be able to talk to him again if you angered him with a light source or attacked him.
  • If you summon a player and they enter the room with a torch or use Cast Light, Agdayne won't attack you. However, at the beginning of the area there's a brave hollow carrying a torch. Agdayne will attack if this hollow follows you into the room.


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