Grave of Saints

Quick Reference

Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Royal Rat Vanguard The Rat King Pharros' Lockstone
Ash Knuckle Ring
Great Heal
Disc Chime
Whisper of Despair
Crest of the Rat
Undead Prisoner
Corpse Rat
Undead Citizen
Crystal Lizard
Invader Rhoy the Explorer - Offline only
Bonfire Intensity 2+ only enemies:
Roaming Soul Dingy Cleric Phantom
Roaming Soul Faraam Knight Phantom
Prisoner's Set
Simpleton's Spice
Aurous Set (Transparent)
Heavy Crossbow +5
Shotel +5
Dingy Set +5 (100% drop)
Ring of Soul Protection


The depths of a well infested by hollows and rats. It is an optional area that focuses on PvP with some interesting loot, a PvP covenant, and access to the Gutter.

This area can be skipped if you instead take the second platform down in the Pit and pass through a short area that you will move through either way, though the Grave of Saints is a more preferable option due to the availability of loot you can't otherwise reach.



  • Harval's Resting Place
    Before the grave proper.
  • Grave Entrance
    Before the boss fog wall.


Grave of Saints Map (Japanese)

Grave of Saints Video Walkthrough

Loot Guide


  • Great Heal can be found at the bottom on a corpse before some wooden structures.
  • A jump from the stone bridge allows you to obtain the Disc Chime that glows along the wall on a small platform.
  • A Crystal Lizard can be found on a wooden bridge.
  • A chest contains the Ash Knuckle Ring, located just above the exploding Undead Citizens and the Gutter access at the bottom of the pit after Royal Rat Vanguard boss and the Rat King.
  • Activate either Pharros Contraption across from the bridges to lower them, one on first floor and one on second, it's recommended to only lower one bridge as both are not necessary. Inside the tower you'll find the hex Whisper of Despair. Be wary of a rat ambush on the ground floor.

Pharros Contraptions

Lower Floor

  • The Pharros Contraption just outside the entrance lowers the bridge across the chasm, giving you access to the hex scroll Whisper of Despair.
  • The Pharros Contraption to the left of the entrance will extinguish many of the torches on that floor.
  • The Pharros Contraption on the wall creates a waterfall from the ceiling just before the ladder. This can be used to mask your sound or the location of the ladder, increase your Fire defense or decrease the Lightning defense of opponents.

Upper Floor

  • The Pharros Contraption on the floor in front of the ladder lowers the bridge across the chasm, giving you access to the same room with the Whisper of Despair hex.
  • The three Pharros Contraptions on the wall make acid pour from rat statues. Standing on the acid quickly breaks armor and rings.
  • The Pharros Contraption furthest in leading to the Grave Entrance bonfire activates the rat statue nearby which makes another puddle of acid in the hallway.


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