Grand Cathedral


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
None Alsanna, Silent Oracle
Lucatiel of Mirrah
Twiggy Shei
Vessel Shield
Loyce Set
Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle


A grand cathedral, befitting a king.



  • Grand Cathedral
    Found immediately after opening the large, metal doors after the Aava, the King's Pet fight.


Map (Japanese)

Once you defeat Aava, the King's Pet, you can enter the Grand Cathedral. Once inside, walk onto the podium and talk to Alsanna, Silent Oracle. She will ask you to defeat the Ivory King, whom is now in the Old Chaos and is the boss, Burnt Ivory King.

After you have defeated the Burnt Ivory King, Alsanna will ask you to collect more Loyce Souls. Keep killing the Charred Loyce Knights in the Old Chaos to acquire them. Once you reach fifty souls, she will remove her ice roots completely from the staircase, and you will be able to talk to her directly.

Loyce Souls Reward
5 Loyce Gauntlets
Loyce Leggings
15 Loyce Armor
35 Loyce Helm
50 Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle

Note: You must be holding this amount. Do not use them.


  • Up the stairs from the bonfire, there is a metal chest containing the Vessel Shield.


  • Lucatiel's and Twiggy's summon signs are in the area, but the actual boss fight will occur in the Old Chaos.
  • Apparently, you have to free at least one Loyce knight to trigger the npc signs to appear
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