Gower's Ring of Protection
gower's ring of protection

In-Game Description

The ring of the assassin Gower,
who has killed a half-dozen kings,
and several distinguished clergymen.
Reduces damage taken from behind.

For an assassin, whose own life is always
at stake, the greatest liability is one's
exposed back.

Original Availability

Shaded Woods treasure, Bonfire Intensity 2 and above only.
From the Ruined Fork Road bonfire, head into the foggy forest and hug the wall to your right. The ring is on the first corpse you find.

Scholar of the First Sin Availability

Drangleic Castle treasure. From the King's Passage bonfire, follow the usual route until you reach the Executioner's Chariot in the large hall. Kill it to get the treasure.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Gower's Ring of Protection Nullifies critical hit damage taken from backstabs & negates some damage to the back.
Takes durability damage for each hit.
75 10.0


  • Immunity from back stab animations
  • Gives the appearance of a human spirit hugging the player's back when worn. The spirit will not appear if the ring is broken.
  • This ring breaks easily and has a high repair cost (8,750 souls) so use it with caution when dealing with enemies that cause equipment breakage.
  • Considerably heavy for a ring.
  • According to the new/old patch 1.06 (re-patched in 1.10) attack from behind will now receive 10-20% damage instead of nullifying damage.
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