Some of the Gods are mentioned in other items, here's a list of them:

List of gods references in other Items

Icon God Name-engraved Description Items referenced
civwHBM.png Nehma Goddess of Love No other mentions.
nQqmydx.png Caitha Goddess of Tears Caitha's Chime
Blue Tearstone Ring
Red Tearstone Ring
ZkY8rwZ.png Galib God of Disease Leydia Black Hood
Leydia Black Robe
D7fREWY.png Kremmel God of Struggle Ring of Thorns
5pv6prD.png Evlana Goddess of the Hunt Hunter's Blackbow
Hunter's Hat
Hunter's Hat (Unused Version)
KxCxSd0.png Hanleth Goddess of Bliss No other mentions.
MXQijdR.png Nahr Alma God of Blood Scythe of Nahr Alma
Nahr Alma Hood
Nahr Alma Robes
Despatcher's Hood (Unused Item)
Despatcher's Robes (Unused Item)
qIMBNiu.png Zinder God of Desire Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (mispronounced as "Zandroe")
u99Rt82.png Quella God of Dream White Ring
Spirit Tree Shield
Grand Spirit Tree Shield
c6VOc3i.png Caffrey Goddess of Fortune No other mentions.
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