Starting Items

These are the items that can be chosen at the start of the game. All gifts can be obtained later in the game. Many of the items have a limited number of uses.

Icon Name Description
cLvQfDD.png Life Ring This ring increases max HP by 5%.
5QUvlRp.png Human Effigy Returns the hollowed to life.
ukK7hbZ.png Healing Wares This gift consists of a range of healing items:
10 Lifegems, 3 Radiant Lifegems, 1 Old Radiant Lifegem and 5 pieces of Poison Moss.
q0P5Vih.png Homeward Bone Returns you to the bonfire last rested at.
E2stVkT.png Seed of a Tree of Giants Causes enemies to attack invaders for a limited time.
7ER2cv1.png Bonfire Ascetic Burn in a bonfire to raise the strength of nearby foes.
cjYeXa6.png Petrified Something Trade items with Sparkling Sisters Dyna and Tillo.
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